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The Unofficial Cowgirl Guide Ch. 02

by msound1 on Sep 13, 2017

2. Cowgirl Anatomy While cowgirls retain the majority of the physical and biological characteristics of human females, there are certain aspects of cowgirl anatomy that separate them from the average woman. Some aspects are obvious to even the most casual observer, while others are more subtle and can go unnoticed by those who are unacquainted with the indu...

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The Evolution of a Human Cow

by Steve1613 on May 8, 2018

Poking around the internet the other day I saw a picture of a naked woman standing a barn with a fully clothed woman standing behind her holding her arm lightly. A fully clothed man was standing in front of the naked woman lightly fondling her engorged nipple. She had a metal collar as well as bands around her wrists. Her large breasts were hanging down her...

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Milking Her Huge Udders

by TrotskysGirl on Mar 12, 2019

Devon was the owner of a brothel that was known far and wide for entertaining just about any sexual fantasy a man could dream up. He was a shrewd businessman with a good reputation. He treated his customers right, he treated his working girls right. His creativity helped maximize both his profits and his customer's pleasure. He offered both the basic and th...

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The Milking Wheel

by The_Technician on Sep 16, 2017

In a future time, a young lawyer is accused of a "man crime." Specifically, he is accused of violating The Protection of Womyn Act by thinking of a Womyn in the office in a "lustful and illegal" fashion. The punishment for such a crime is the pain and humiliation of a public milking and possibly the complete removal of his manhood, leaving him a eunuch. I...

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by cvillerook on Sep 13, 2017

Astrid assumed her position on the milking floor. Her massive udders were heavy and she needed relief in the worst way. The nipples ached and wept milk - she had bristled during inspection and for her rebellion she had been left in her cubical. Astrid actually had not meant to give offense - however, she had been unusually tender for the last week. She resi...

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The Breeding Colony Ch. 01

by MilkyTits on Sep 13, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

The breeding colony's governor was proud of her operation. It was a peaceful place where males and females resided and worked contentedly at their appointed jobs. She was actually looking forward to giving the tour to the visiting dignitaries from the planet's council of colonies. The breeding colony had been in operation now for several generations and func...

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Sarah Gets Trained Ch. 10

by Steve1613 on Sep 25, 2017

Sarah awoke a couple of hours later to the feeling of a hand rubbing something on to her ass. Her ass ached where the hand was rubbing. But whatever was being rubbed on her, she assumed it was the salve the doctor had prescribed, was helping. A few minutes after the rubbing stopped, she started becoming aware of the pressure in her udders. She stood, wincin...

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The Awe of Being a Hucow Ch. 11

by Lemaringouin on Mar 16, 2020
Interracial Love

The Awe of Being a Hucow by Lemaringouin, with the graceful assistance of Pimanko for the English translation from French. ***** Chapter 11 The Grand Contest and Its Prize Several days after her party with Claire, Stephanie was woken up by cries and laughter from the main hallway which connected all the hucows' bedrooms. "Sylvie, Wake up! Did you hear?...

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The Milking Herd Ch. 07

by StoryTeller07 on Feb 19, 2018

Ch. 07 Bulls breeding a hucow After a few days living in a milking stall, Margaret worried that she might have been abandoned by Mathew, her boyfriend and master. He'd sent her for hucow training which she agreed to because he was her master, and had to be obeyed. As soon as she got to the farm, she was attached to a milking machine, which meant she couldn...

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Becoming Jack's Milk Cow Pt. 08

by Suzanne James on Sep 26, 2017

Within a month of my induced lactation, I had settled into my new role as Jack's milk cow. My milking schedule was now at 15 minutes per breast every four hours, and I was producing a lavish amount of milk. We used a dual pump, so the time involved to empty both my breasts with the milking machine was more like 40 minutes, but if Jack milked me orally (which...

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