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The 4 Types of Mind Control

by TehCorinthian on Sep 16, 2017
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In my opinion, there are four basic categories of Mind Control erotic stories. This assumes that we are discussing actual stories of course – as we all know, there are plenty of horribly written little screeds that barely bother to name the poor characters, let alone discuss anything beyond breast and cock size. If, however, the author is attempting to actua...

Victim's Perspective

by oscar wilde on Dec 8, 2017
Mind Control

I'm opting to put this under Mind Control because it encompasses so many fetishes on CHYOA, and at its heart, mind control is the inspiration for this idea. This story is not expressly limited to Mind Control, but it is the focus. What follows are stories told from the point-of-view of the victim. Expect inner monologues, bizarre justifications for actions a...

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Mind Controlling Mutant

by Cross C on Jan 12, 2016
Mind Control

What kind of mind control is it?What's next? Eye contact gives complete control Dominant Phallus Emotional control (temporalily) Subliminal messaging (physical contact) True Voice Mutant Pheromones and Semen Talking Dick Empathic Conversion (Mutant Semen) Power Absorption/Genetic Mimicry (Eventual Mind Control) demonic transformation/complete and permanent...

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Good Morning Little School Girl

by JukeboxEMCSA on Sep 18, 2017
Mind Control

Serena stood on the edge of the sidewalk, letting the anticipation build for a long moment as she stared at the imposing building in front of her. At least, she thought it looked imposing. It was hard to tell, really, because everyone else passing by simply ignored it. They just walked right past it, their gaze sliding off the marble columns and elegantly-ma...


by ComteCheese on Sep 26, 2017

This will deal with a type of mind control fetish I'd like to call 'anti-social mind control', or 'patheticism'; more than just the depravity or eroticism of sexual desire in a functional, yet still conventional, construct, this is one that feeds on a desperation of power and control which is generally considered incompatible, minor, and superficial/non-erot...

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My New Power

by zackson on Sep 15, 2017
Mind Control

It all started about a year ago, after a car accident that almost ended my life. It was a horrible crash that happened one Thursday afternoon. I should describe myself, I am 19 years old and a freshman in college. I stand 6'3 with black/brown hair and a muscular build. I play football, basketball and baseball in recreational leagues in my hometown in Virgini...

Dr. Master's Hypno-College

by ShinyHypnoMaster01 on Apr 29, 2020
Mind Control

Dear Sir, You have been invited to attend Dr. Master's College of Mind Control. At this prestigious school,you will learn mind control and other things. You have one week to show up on campus before you are denied entry,so please do decide fast. --Administration You at first thought the letter was a joke. After all,if the school was so prestigious,how come y...

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My Immortal Ch. 01

by velvetpie on Sep 13, 2017
Mind Control

"You're crazy, Carla." I just ignored Calvin, knowing that he'd never change. Ever since we were little, he'd always been an unbeliever in things intangible. Didn't believe in the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus. Didn't in the Bermuda Triangle or in Fate. And he certainly didn't believe in God. So when I told him that I'd been invited to a mind control seminar,...

Preparation for Hynosis

by master_passion1900 on Sep 14, 2017
Mind Control

These instructions are designed to prepare you for hypnosis and allow you to give yourself away more fully in the future. This exercise will allow you to fall deeper into a trance each time you perform it. First you'll want to get comfortable. It is best you do this when you know you'll be alone and undisturbed for awhile. You'll want to make the room as qu...

Suits and Slimes

by Halode on Feb 9, 2020

Hideki Laboratories has been at the forefront of biotechnology for years as a satellite operation of Hideki Technology, but most only know of a few of their breakthroughs that proved to be profitable, usually medical applications for ways to better administer drug treatments to particular parts of a body via 'smart pills', or 'organic bandages' to help a pat...

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