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Infinite Scroll

Magic Cock Ring

by AnonySD on Feb 5, 2017
Mind Control

(Welcome to my second ever story, inspired by Swallows999! I thank them for letting me play around with their concept. If you're curious about where my inspiration comes from, check out their story Humans and Homesteads, under the "The Cock Ring of... Magic Glory Holes?" chapters. I welcome and even encourage anyone and everyone to submit chapters,...

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The Power to Control Ch. 01

by blackmohammed on Oct 15, 2017

Hello, you can call me Steven for security reasons I don't want to tell you my real name, we might meet one day and I can't have you know what it is I'm up to. I would however like to tell you my story, as best as I know it, what bother me the most growing up was that if I could remember I only knew 2 types of people. The ones I got along with and always wa...

Kelly's Quest Ch. 03

by The_Technician on Sep 19, 2017

This is a story I wrote a few years back. It about a woman who is addicted to pain and knows that it can destroy her, but still seeks the blissful "golden cocoon" that lies on the other side of the pain and humiliation. Her addiction controls her, but she finds help from an unexpected source- her Uncle Jack and her sister Tracey. She also finds out that she...

Making Mom My Sex Slave

by awesomeness98778 on Mar 1, 2020
Mind Control

Your name is John O’Conner. You are a very smart, 20-year-old male. You could say that you’re kind of a nerd. You currently only live with your Mom, Meghan. Your mom is the very definition of a MILF. She has long black hair, an hourglass figure, large round breasts (you say much bigger than DD) and a large round ass. Ever since you hit puberty, you have drea...

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Mister Beast

by CD_Karen on May 19, 2020
Mind Control

Authors note:- this is a departure from my normal stories but reflects a fascination with mind control and how certain people might use these special powers. I hope you enjoy. Look, I don't care what you think of me. You might hate me for what I do. You might think me sick. Others might admire me or be jealous of me and my abilities. It doesn't matter to me...

Shimmer Ch. 02

by JackMoz on Sep 17, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

So I guess you know what I did now, right? I went home, started a harem with my hot Mom and even hotter sisters, threw in a few of the neighborhood hotties for variety, and eventually made Katherine the chief wench of my harem. Then I kicked some major league supervillain ass, let Wonder Woman and a few other of the hotter babes in the Justice League join my...

God Am I Ch. 02

by Rockgolem on Sep 17, 2017
Mind Control

God Am I Chapter 2 - My Training I woke up sometime in the middle of the afternoon. As I stretched my hand brushed up against someone's back, causing them to moan slightly in their sleep. Then the events of the past 24 hours came flooding back to me. Working with Jennifer and what we did on our rest break. How she came over to my house last night and sleepi...

Mom's a Cum Freak

by standingstones on Aug 20, 2018

Here lately, my parents are fighting constantly. My Dad will run out the door mad leaving my mother crying. One Saturday they had another episode. Dad walked out and my Mom ran into their bedroom. I wasn't sure what to do. I walked down to her room and listened outside the door. I heard crying. I cracked the door open and looked in. Mom was sitting on the e...


by HubbaBubba99 on Sep 15, 2017

Something had changed, I knew that at least. The accident must have done something to my head. I didn't hurt, it just felt different. Let me explain. Yesterday, I'd been in a minor car accident and had hit my head. It wasn't too bad, so I just headed home where I lived with my Mom (Dad had died a few years ago) and thought I'd just sleep it off. But this mor...

Perverted Telepathy Ch. 01

by Eros_343 on Dec 25, 2019

**All characters in this story are over the age of 18** ***** It had to be a dream, but everything felt so real. My arms wrapped around this incredible woman, and I could truly feel my flesh against hers. We were both naked, and I felt my hard cock rested in the crack of her ass. I moved my hands so that my left hand on her breast, and the other one on her...