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Mom Is Taken at the Lakeside

by milflover on Sep 15, 2017

Hi incent readers, I hope you will like this true incident that occurred between my mom and her friends. First my mom, Sarita, a complete bombshell. She is fair with black hair. In short she is 38/24/38. Perhaps she was the fantasy of men. She used to dress in the normal Indian fashion ie: a saree, blouse. Mom had her friends who were boyfriends before marr...

Mum Plays Nurse

by TheBlueGoblin on Dec 2, 2019

I always remembered when I was a kid my dad once talking about motorbikes with the family in the front room of the house, debating how the great Barry Sheen was a rare breed after he'd come off his bike again braking his legs, and how they were death traps. "Bloody dangerous if you ask me," dad said, "if you come of one of them you've got no metal between y...

Mom's Surprise Birthday Party Ch. 04

by johnjinglez1 on May 15, 2018

"Don't forget, we've got fucking pictures whore." "Ahhhh!" Mom shot straight up; awakened by the sound of her alarm clock, she was a sweaty sticky mess. "What a terrible dream.." Mom thought to herself. She laid in bed and continued to recount what had just occurred in her dream; blackmailed by my roommate and his friend, she was horrified. Around lunch t...

Mom Went to Work Ch. 04

by DaktoRto on Sep 15, 2017

When I got home Dads car was in the driveway. That was unusual, because Dad never skipped work. As I went inside Dad was in the kitchen making up a food basket. I asked what was going on and he told me Grandpa was in the hospital and it didn't look good. He was putting together some stuff to eat while Mom went to the bank and to her job to tell them she need...

Another Mom & Son & Camera Story Ch. 04

by BardontheHill on Sep 15, 2017

Yes, there are many Mom & Son camera stories on Literotica. Yes they are often similar, this one is mine. If you do not enjoy this subject matter do not read it. This episode is the fourth chapter of my story. ***** I reached over to grab the camera, trying not to dislodge my cock from mom's ass. Succeeding, I lifted my body a little and snapped a c...

Mom's Surprise Birthday Party Ch. 03

by johnjinglez1 on May 8, 2018

I slipped out of my parents' house and rushed back to my car and back to my home in LA; I couldn't believe I'd almost ruined my parents anniversary because I lost control of myself and fucked my mom in the ass. Hell, forget their anniversary; that would have ruined their marriage and my relationship with both of my parents.. But I'd be lying if I said the fe...

Just Like Your Father

by Isopropyl on Sep 16, 2017

I came home and found the house empty. I though mom would be home for sure. I called out, mom! But no answer came back. I went into the backyard to see if she was in our new hot tub. The hot tub was empty, but I found a half empty bottle of wine and an empty wine glass, along with my mom's two piece bathing suit, on the deck. Mom usually didn't drink, so I t...

Mother & Son: A Love Story Pt. 05

by Ahabscribe on Sep 19, 2017

Hi everyone! Sorry this chapter is so long in coming. Not entirely happy with it - it is a bit of a set up piece for Part 06. For newcomers, please read "Christmas with Mom" and New Year's with Mom and then begin the entire sequence of Mother and Son: A Love Story to get the entire scope of things. Look forward to feedback. Positive or negative, its what I...

Mom Plays Doctor

by Deutchem_Brennar on Jul 16, 2019

Author's Note: Due to the events described below the names of the persons have all been changed. Any similarities are purely coincidental. * My name is Jason and the events described happened in 1987 at the age of 18. I was brought up on a bog standard council estate living in a 3 bedroom house with my parents who more or less happily married. The problem...

Doctor Injects Mom

by fargas111 on Apr 14, 2020

Editor's note: this submission contains scenes of voyeur incest or incest content. * I got really sick at 18 and my dad and mom took me to all kinds of doctors to be able to treat me but none were successful. One day, one of my dad's colleagues told him about a doctor a few hours away in another town that they say is so good he can heal almost any disease...