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Worth the Wait

by hiddenthinker on Sep 12, 2017

Mom had been single since I was born. No boyfriends that I can remember, no dad for me, since he left before I was around. It was just the two of us. I can't really say that, since she was always working with her "career" in advertising, leaving me with the baby sitter or the neighbor or whoever was to take care of me that day. But I knew that she would alwa...

Another Naked Foot Day at the Beach

by SusanJillParker on Sep 12, 2017

This is an Nude Day contest story. Please vote, make a comment and add me and/or this story to your favorite list. * "What do you wanna do today?" Josh looked at his friend, David. "I'm bored. I'm tired of just hangin' around the house, but it's too hot to do anything else." "I figured we'd go downtown," said David. "Downtown? I don't wanna go downtown,...

The Shoe Store

by Honda629 on Sep 13, 2017

I woke up disoriented. I was extremely confused. I wasn't totally awake at the moment. I was still half asleep. The place smelled like raunchy feet. My pole became so stiff, I felt someone gyrating on top of it. A contraction squeezed hard. I felt hot flesh over my 22 year old face. I couldn't see. Sweat dripped over my face. I started to sniff uncontrolla...

Aunt's Stockings & Mom's Pantyhose

by silkstockingslover on Sep 25, 2017

Aunt's Stockings & Mom's Pantyhose Summary: A lucky guy gets his Mom and Aunt as Christmas presents. Note 1: PICTURE CREDIT...All photographs were taken by myself and my husband. Because this story is about incest and leg/foot/nylon fetish...all the pictures focus ONLY on the legs and feet...a fetish of my husband's. Note 2: Thanks to Nick Sutcliffe w...

Fetishville (Adding Encouraged)

by VioletWinters on Sep 26, 2017

Welcome to Fetishville! I am Violet, the mayor here. I know you're eager to start so let's get to it. To begin with your adventure, press the "Start Game" button on the right and find your fetish. It is pretty straight forward. If your fetish involves dominating, select [Dominant]. If it involves being dominated or being submissive, select [Submiss...

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Aunt Mary Nylons Ch. 01

by BlkNYLONS on Sep 15, 2017

My story takes place in the summer of 1966. A time when the fashion called for women too wear girdles, garters, and shiny ultra sheer reinforced heel and toe nylons, spiked heels pumps or mules daily! A time when my fetish for nylons was young and in full bloom! Aunt Mary had stopped to visit us on her way back home from a week's vacation. She was going to...

Mother's Shoe Mystery Pt. 02

by ErosLitAmateur on Nov 6, 2018

Billy was so excited. It was finally Friday, and he only had 30 minutes left until school was out. His 18th birthday was last week, and was going to hang out with his buds on Saturday as a belated birthday gift and go hiking, since he loved it so much. On Sunday they were going to go to a concert, and then dinner, and then to the local arcade. It was going t...

A Christmas Fetish Pt. 01

by jdnybk on Sep 11, 2017

It was roughly 1976 in Augusta, Georgia, two or three days before Christmas to be exact. I was eighteen years old. My mom and I had been on our own ever since my father had died in a truck accident two years earlier. Mom had a rough time of it, as would be expected, the first year after he passed. She was 36 years old and was a loan officer at Augusta Natio...

Nylon Femdom

by BlkNYLONS on Sep 18, 2017

This took place in 1964... A time when the fashion called for women too wear girdles, garters, and shiny ultra sheer reinforced heel and toe stockings, spike heel pumps/mules daily! A time when my fetish for nylons was young and in full bloom! A FANTASY STORY.... As she stood in her bathroom she could almost still feel his presence. Joan would know just...

Best Friend's Mom's Feet

by rak316 on Sep 25, 2017

This is a foot fetish story, so if that isn't your thing, then turn back now. This is just a one-shot story, and so I have no plans for another part. I hope you all enjoy. Feel free to leave your feedback, it is appreciated. I'm still rather inexperienced in the ways of writing erotic fiction, so I'm sort of testing the waters to how I do. All characters ar...