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The Village Sluts Ch. 07-09

by sgary3434 on May 12, 2020

Chapter 7: Unfortunate News Both girls were jolted awake when Anna's phone began to chyme on the bedside table next to the bed. "Uhhh," Chloe sighed, "What time it is it?" she asked Anna before burying her head back into her pillow. "Um, looks like 8:15." Anna managed to say, lifting her head and grabbing her phone. "Why the hell do you have an alarm set...

Danny's Butt Mom Ch. 15

by Bob_Lovecock on Sep 12, 2017

Warning: this story contains extreme scat and piss sex and is basically totally nasty. Don't read it if you don't like scat! * * * * * That night Danny and his mom snuggled up together in her bed. It was a loving, warm, innocent mother-son contentment. Completely comfortable together their whole lives, their recent bout of depraved fucking was just a more...

Indian Family Reunion Ch. 04

by org on Sep 15, 2017

I and Meena were told to come down to Vizag. The weather was bad and flights got delayed. We waited for hours before finally boarding the plane. After reaching, we headed directly to the hospital. When we reached the hospital, Nicku was waiting outside, for us. He took us to Radha's room. Radha looked up and gave a smile. With her eyes she directed me to the...

Alyssa's Confession Ch. 02

by nolimitstoryteller on Sep 15, 2017

(edited by horrotica) Chocolate Gour Tammie's small apartment was cluttered with books and stuffed animals, as she sat in front of her computer feeling lonely and distraught; she rubbed the moisture away from her teary eyes. Over a month had passed since she last saw her mom, and with Valentine's Day approaching she felt alone and confused. Unsure how to...

Dear Diary

by Fairiegodmommie on Sep 25, 2017

Dear Diary: Well, the secret between Mom and me is out, at least to Janet. It happened last night. I've been seeing Janet for several months now. She's a great girl, and so enthusiastic about scat. But I hadn't told her the truth about how I got into it though, because I was afraid it would shock her too much. Yesterday, I finally brought her home to meet...

The Four F's of Driders

by KhepriDrone on Oct 29, 2018
Fan Fiction

Something was terribly wrong with my legs. More concerning was there was something terribly wrong with the number of legs I had. I was born with two, which I have never complained about. They had served me well, from getting up in the morning, to running away from bullies, to my morning jogs to keep me in shape. I was pretty happy with my legs, they were pro...

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The Village Sluts Ch. 13-15

by sgary3434 on Jun 1, 2020

Author's Note: I am glad to hear so many of you are enjoying this story thus far. I started writing this when I noticed that very little scat content was being posted regularly and that there was a general lack of scat content overall, especially lesbian scat. I'm at a point in the story where I have covered a lot of the ideas and scenarios I came into thi...

Las Vegas Love Story

by Lesly Sloan on Sep 2, 2017
Erotic Couplings

© 2005 by the author, all rights reserved. The whore with a heart of gold is a myth; it's bullshit. I don't have a heart of gold. The only thing that turns me on is cash. I've worked at Sheri's Ranch in Pahrump, one hour from downtown Vegas, for the last two years and have done about anything a whore can be asked to do. The church-going hypocrites in Las V...

Stella's delicious anal chocolate

by NastyHarrison17 on Nov 18, 2019

We got to church just after service started. The choir was singing as the usher showed us to a pew half way down the center aisle and on the right. As we walked to our seats, I couldn't take my eyes off of one of the women in the choir. Seated second from the right, Stella gave me a nearly imperceptible nod as she sang. Stella is not only one of my wife's b...

Brothers melody

by Bloodblossom on Aug 16, 2016

(Warning this story is about incest and is about other dirty fetishes like piss and scat, but that makes this more fun ^_~) "Rose, wake up Rose" a voice calls out to you as you sleep happily in your bed. You groan abit and open your cute purple eyes to see your older brother shaking you abit to wake you. "Come on Rose were gonna be late you da...

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