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Naked Mother Ch. 10

by Zeenutt on Sep 14, 2017

The next evening, I put my bikini on and went out for a swim. After I came out of the pool, I saw Andy in his shorts with a huge erection. "Andy anything momma can do for you." I asked him. "Sure mom, just take care of my hard on." I moved up to him, got rid of his shorts and began to lick the head of his cock, slowly moving over to the sides and the sha...

Still the Daughter-in-Law Ch. 01

by indian_fun on Sep 19, 2017

Thank you to many of you for your suggestions, here's a new story. I was lazing around in my room, when my lovely mom came in. She looked lovely, and nobody could say she was 35. She looked to be in her early 20's. She fussed over me not cleaning the room and told me to clean. "Even you are not good in this house" She lamented. "Mom, I will clean, don't...

Mother and Son

by momtaboo35 on Sep 15, 2017

Lira was a middle-aged woman married to the first and only man she ever dated. They had been married for almost twenty-five years and had two grown sons. The youngest was away at college, while the older brother was 24 and still living at home. After he graduated from high school he bounced around from job to job trying to figure out what he really wanted to...

Anything for My Son Ch. 01

by BustySaga on Dec 14, 2020

Hello Everyone. I want to preface this by saying that I'm not a writer, and I'm not trying to be one. During this uncertain time that we are in, finding something to keep myself at ease and my mind at peace, has been difficult. Somehow, I found myself writing this story, and realized that it was a form of escapism for me, helping to keep my mind off everythi...

The Zoomatic 4k Ch. 03

by JoMaddox on Jun 26, 2019

Later that afternoon young Jamie Harding could feel that his raven haired mother was in a particularly playful mood. After their photo shoot, where his smoking hot mom not only posed naked but even masturbated openly right in front of her teenage son while he took hundreds of high definition photos, the teenage boy worried that his mother would suddenly real...

The Zoomatic 4k Ch. 05

by JoMaddox on Jun 26, 2019

As the Zoomatic 4k did its thing Sheila Lovecock looked around to make sure that her son Jamie wasn't around. She grabbed the pair of her son's jockey shorts from yesterday out of the clothes hamper and put them up to her face, inhaling the aroma of her teenage son's boyish dried sweat and teenage spunk. Today was laundry day and the gorgeous brunette milf f...

The Zoomatic 4k Ch. 01

by JoMaddox on Jun 26, 2019

The divorce was going to be hard on Sharon Harding. She had suspected that something was wrong for years. At one time the 37 year old raven haired beauty thought she had the perfect life. She had a great marriage to a good looking and very rich husband, a wonderful teenage son who was the spitting image of his sexy father, and a million dollar house in the s...

Naked Mother Ch. 09

by Zeenutt on Sep 25, 2017

The next evening, I was relaxing by the side of the pool in a bikini when Harry arrived with a set of papers. It was the modeling contract for his magazine. I looked at it and then showed it to my son with a naughty smile. "Mom, don't you think it is way too hot--10 full page pictures of complete nudity with nothing to cover the body plus a half a dozen pic...

Two Weeks at the Playground Ch. 01

by JoMaddox on Apr 14, 2020

The unmistakable sounds coming from Billy Martino's bedroom filled the house. Yes, the high school senior was at it again. Tonight for some reason the sound coming from the teenager's bedroom was a little more intense than usual. "Thump!! Thump!! Thump!!" The familiar noise from the boy's bedroom had become a nightly happening in their very nice but small...

Another Mom & Son & Camera Story Ch. 04

by BardontheHill on Sep 15, 2017

Yes, there are many Mom & Son camera stories on Literotica. Yes they are often similar, this one is mine. If you do not enjoy this subject matter do not read it. This episode is the fourth chapter of my story. ***** I reached over to grab the camera, trying not to dislodge my cock from mom's ass. Succeeding, I lifted my body a little and snapped a c...