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Daddy Teaches Me a Lesson Ch. 02

by LorenzoAbajos on Sep 15, 2017

Yesterday my Daddy tried to teach me a lesson. He had caught me naked in my room playing with my pussy. I had just moved back home after finishing college. I had had a very strict up-bringing. Sex was a no-no. And I had graduated from an all-girl college. But I hadn't known how badly Daddy hated seeing me diddling myself or how horny he was for some daught...

A New Year's to Remember

by BJPickle54 on Sep 15, 2017

New Year's Day fell on a Friday this year and delivered our family a long holiday weekend. My story begins in the early evening of Thursday. It was a typical New Year's Eve with all the excitement and anticipation of the midnight hour. What we didn't know then was just what the New Year would bring. The weather outside was cold on this December 31st, as we...

Missy - Day 06

by MissPAdventurous on Mar 17, 2020

Day Six I woke up on my back, my t-shirt riding up above my belly button. Before I could open my eyes I felt rough hands pulling down my panties. I opened my eyes to find Daddy kneeling on my bed naked, his fat cock hard and throbbing against his abs. "Daddy needs to fuck baby girl, open your legs," he said gruffly, his eyes glued to my puffy bare pussy....

Eighteen at Last Pt. 01

by Tenniecee on Sep 15, 2017

Author's note: This is the first of a two-part story. I love to hear from my readers so please feel free to leave a comment. As always, your votes are most welcome. ***** Eighteen at Last - Part 1 Barbarella rolled over and looked at the clock. Seven-thirty! She was going to be late for school. She was about to throw off the covers and jump out of bed whe...

Randy's Triple Threat

by BrettJ on Sep 15, 2017

Randy Green was proof positive that living the good life sometimes paid off. At 45, because he took good care of himself, he still had the physique he possessed at 25. While he wasn't a college graduate, he threw himself into his chosen field. His antiques business was booming and he was the go-to guy in the Middleton area for antiques brick-a-brack and qual...

Daddy's Little Girl Ch. 02-03

by Jack597 on Sep 15, 2017

[Author's note: All characters in this story are more than 18 years old.] * Chapter 2 The next day Daddy tells his little slut that he wants her to learn about ass fucking. She knows about pussy fucking, handjobs and blowjobs, and even titfucking, but ass fucking will be new. She hasn't really done any pussy fucking yet, mind you, but she knows a lot abou...

The Yacht Ch. 03

by jimsjolene on Sep 16, 2017

I could see that Mommy was beginning to like this more than she wanted to admit. Her body was twitching and I knew she was ripe to be Daddy’s and my slave. Sliding my supple body up hers. I was grinning and wiggling on her as I ripped off the tape from her lips. Mommy screamed. Daddy laughed. I could hear him moving around on the bed and then pulled myself b...

All in the Family

by Giveandgetoral on Sep 15, 2017

Bang...bang...bang, Gail felt every inch of his cock as it slid inside of her. "Oh yeah daddy give it to me!" Dan gave his wife a few short jabs of his cock. "How does daddy's little girl want it?" Gail ground her butt back against him, "Put that cock in my pussy deep and hard," Placing his hands on her hips, he rammed into her. Bang...bang...bang. His th...

Mothers' Day Weekend Ch. 07

by highshine808 on Oct 3, 2018

Ch7: Fielding Marshall Penny's ruse brings welcome reprisal~ *** Mel dropped the robe and slipped into the shower with her mom. "I see what you mean about Chase." "He's fucking phenomenal, right?" "He's something else for sure." She ducked under the spray. "You all jizz free, Mom?" "I think so, honey." She leaned in to kiss her daughter deeply. "I know...

Happy Birthday, Daddy

by Jimyfoxx on Apr 17, 2019

As his thirty six birthday party dragged on Everett's discontent grew. It was a discontent fueled by simple jealousy. His jealousy was first set in motion by the abundant attention his still lovely wife was receiving, and most certainly encouraging, by the sexy bikini she was clad in. Outrageously flirting with several of the older male guests at the birthd...