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The Monster in My Closet

by KittyAshleyy on Jul 9, 2019

As children we all fear that little creak in the night, the feeling that we are being watched from the closet by something unknown. Our childish minds depict them as monsters. But as we grow up we come to realise that these things are make-believe, a fiction created by our minds to scare ourselves. But in my closet, there really is a monster. And it took my...

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Orc Raids & Slave Girls

by DarkFantasiesMedia on Jan 6, 2020
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Orc Raids & Slave Girls A Monster Tales Series All Characters Depicted In This Content Are Fictional & Of Legal Age (18 Or Older). Northern Europe - 2078 B.C - 1000 Years Before The Orc Extinction Dahlia laid awake listening to her father's snores as she watched the sun's first light glimmer across a small window in her family's cabin. Rhythmic bursts of...

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The Monster

by BobWrongerer on Dec 12, 2018

My name is Bob, I have two brothers. My youngest brother isn't the sharpest tool in the tool shed. He is short, only 5' 3", his red hair thinning, going towards bald by 22. He is quick tempered, entitled and has a history of making terrible choices. We come from a family of some means. Yep, we were Trust fund babies, so my brother always had access to chu...

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Alien Colonization Day 04

by init4u40 on Sep 16, 2017

**All characters are over eighteen** The Fourth Wave By the fourth day everyone was aware of what was happening, even if almost no one knew why it was happening. The news programs had gotten scattered footage of the monsters but hours' worth of eye witness reports; and while there had been disbelief after the first day or two, the third night's reports ha...

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Curse of Scales Ch. 02

by Dajaska on Jan 8, 2018

Author's note: Story may contain non-human transformation, female submission, and monster sex! Feedback appreciated, especially notes of what you liked, so I can write more like it. ***** Curse of Scales: Chapter 2 (of 3) Day 26 -410,00 credits (in Debt) My body moved so differently. I was fine if I looked forward... But if I looked down at my emera...

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Monster's Mate Ch. 06

by LadyDiMera on Sep 16, 2017
Novels and Novellas

Chapter 6 – Elizabeth Lucinda groaned in agony as she rested flat on her back next to the Monster upon the mattress in his chamber, every muscle screaming from the strain of the werewolf attack. Her pussy and breasts felt as if they had been rubbed raw. And she did not even want to think about her poor throbbing asshole. When they arrived back at the castle...

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The Gift

by htm on Sep 12, 2017
Loving Wives

Valentine's day is her day and I always try to make it special. For years now, I've prepared all of her favorite foods, lobster, king crab legs and Mrs. Fields cookies her after dinner sweets. The after dinner treats are for me. Once the kids were in bed and we finished our bottle of wine, my wife made her way to our bedroom. Eventually she went into the wal...

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Fun & Games While the Cat's Away

by Jimyfoxx on Jun 5, 2019

A debt of gratitude is owed to Dukea98 for help editing this story. Many thanks. * While the cat's away the mice will play; or so goes the old saying. Sometimes the way the mice play might not be so nice, and, in fact, might even be considered downright naughty. The mother, aka the cat, left early on a Friday morning, leaving her eighteen year old daughte...

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The Monster Cock Nerd.

by Semprini on Oct 21, 2016
Erotic Couplings

Slobber and spit flew all over Kenny's rigid boner as the girl on her knees worked the hard shaft with everything she had. Nasty, sloppy noises mixed in with the delighted moans and sucks of the cock crazed whore before him. With both of her hands roaming up and down the 12 inch monster cock, massaging the over-sized beast, the head of the cock was lodged do...

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Wife Wants a Hall Pass Ch. 07

by LewdLuke on Sep 26, 2017
Loving Wives

Linda said, "That's a good idea." She crawled back in bed. I got naked and slid in beside her. I lay on my back. Linda snuggled close on my left side, and Barb did the same on my right. "Life is good," I thought. Linda's breath became slow and regular, she was asleep in two minutes. Barb took my cock in her hand. I pulled her closer to me and held her the...

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