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Island girl love

by kire5613 on Oct 21, 2017

Kevin wakes up on warm sand and a clear tropical sky with the beating down on him. He then sits up looking around seeing it was an empty beach. He sees he has some sunburn and his t-shirt and jeans were torn a bit. He tried to remember what happened to him before. It hurt his head a bit but all he could remember was partying on a cruise ship drunk and trying...

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My naive mother

by P. Co. on Apr 13, 2016

_If you like the story and would like to support the author's work, feel free to make a donation or follow on Instagram. Enjoy._ Arc I Escapades It's Sunday morning, first day of your winter holidays from school, and you are annoyed by the weather. You were supposed to meet your friends and play basket, but your mother forbid you to get out and play because...

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Den of the Cave Toads

by lknight on Apr 25, 2012

In the village of Norde, in the Kingdom of Thiskal, recently women have been going missing. Eventually it was discovered that Cave Toads from the nearby Black Marsh cave system were responsible, but as Norde is a peaceful farming village, they had no way to oppose the creatures. However, thier plight spread throughout the kingdom, eventually prompting three...

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"Naive Is Better"

by Koughers on Sep 26, 2017
Erotic Couplings

John Doe* feels good when she wakes up.. Except for a little itching "down there". She didn't know much about re-production**, but she knew it had something to do with whatever was "down there". *Description: 18, 34C, 5' 9", blonde, big ass, athletic, bubbly, completely naive. **Note: Honestly, she knows NOTHING. She glances at the c...

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The Definition of Naive

by SmutMaster on Jun 19, 2017

The history behind this town barely made sense. It wasn't worth going into the minute details. All that mattered was that this town, Haven, shouldn't even exist. Not due to any laws, as previously stated, but because of the religion behind it. Now, it wasn't unheard of for a particular religious culture to dominate a town. But this religion was different. Th...

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In a World Ch. 01

by peachesokay on Nov 25, 2017
Novels and Novellas

She stood on the edge of the cliff, worn rags wrapped around her larger frame. In the past she'd worn a pristine lab coat to cover her large breasts and pale skin, yet in this sand covered place they'd been worn into rags. The wind whipped by her face, covered in muck and grime like many of the people left. In the distance was a small encampment, a place she...

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New Wife Island

by Javalar on Aug 24, 2018

"A holiday?," you ask. "Yes, just for you. A whole month!" You flip the pages of the classy and elegant brochure and can't suppress gasping. As the young wife of a multi-billionaire, you are used to luxury, but the pictures you see are still breathtaking. The location looks beautiful, the sunsets are stunning, the resort seems to offer ev...

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In Olden Days

by robinhod on Aug 18, 2017
First Time

This is my first attempt at a stand alone story as previous efforts have been extensions to another writer's work. As I don't have a writer's imagination I've had to rely mostly on memory. I do like to hear from readers, even the illiterate uncouth idiots who proliferate on these pages. You know who you are. * My name is Tim, I was born in 1938 so this al...

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Chapter 01: Poor Little Naive Girl

by sarahjaneyan on Sep 15, 2017

Nineteen year old Sarah Jane woke up one Monday morning and stretched. She was so excited since this is her first day at the University. She stood up and faced the mirror to admire her naked self, cupping her F cup breasts and admiring her shaved pussy. She went to the toilet to pee and slipped on her slippers and walked outside her room nude. "Good morning...

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The Tale of Castle Kaltenbach

by The Rain on Sep 26, 2017

This story begins and takes place in a remote town in eastern Austria, Anno Domini 1714. I’m not a history major nor am I interested in history therefore I am sure there is plenty of errors here (that’s one of the reasons I put this story in the ‘Fantasy/Sci-Fi’ category). If you find any, please, just ignore them or treat them as historical fiction. I label...

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