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Infinite Scroll


by jamescun1958 on Sep 26, 2017
Cheating Spouses

Putting on this ring will see its corruption warp you and the people around you. If the wearer is already romantically involved, then they will experience their lover stolen from them in a truly humiliating way. Generally, this means that they themselves will become impotent, both physically and sexually, while someone in their lives will become a sexual dyn...

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by Cross C on Sep 26, 2017

Stories involving netorare across the multi-verse.What's next? The Cucu ring The Djinn of Netorare Sword Art Online harry potter naruto world Mary Jane Watson-Parker Wedding NTR ring Kim Possible's NTR Ring Katara's Ring of Netorare What's next? The Cucu ring The Djinn of Netorare Sword Art Online harry potter naruto world Mary Jane Watson-Park...

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Be Your Own Hero

by theotherguy on Oct 21, 2015
Fan Fiction

Welcome The Protector. You have been given the unique opportunity to recreate yourself as a Superhero in the universe of your choosing. First, please select a universe... What's next? Marvel (616) DC Universe The Real World Marvel Cinematic Universe DC TV and Movie Multiverse (DCAU) What's next? Marvel (616) DC Universe The Real World Marvel Cinematic Un...

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Protect Your Wife/Girlfriend!

by sammythewizard on Oct 24, 2017
Cheating Spouses

Let’s choose who you want to play as (or play with) you will have 2, maybe 3 options depending if I want to throw in a horny brother or seductive best friend into the mix. Sarah is a young, 23 year old blonde girl. She has deep blue eyes, plump, round butt, a beautiful rack that gets everyone’s attention, and a certain naivete that is probably the reason Eth...

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Morally Bankrupt

by CJD619 on Jan 7, 2019
Cheating Spouses

"Your past will always dictate your future." Turning back and forth, Kaitlyn jolted out of her sleep. Adjusting her vision and rubbing her eyes, she glanced beside her and saw her husband Thomas laying beside her. A reminder of what happened over the last couple of weeks; Kaitlyn and Thomas that just recently gotten married, and had recently return...

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The Village Hidden in the Snatch

by ClassroomOrgy69 on Sep 26, 2017
Fan Fiction

Naruto, Sakura, Hinata, Ino, and Tenten were called into the Hokage's office. There they meet with Lady Tsunade, Shizune by her side, and their client, a kunoichi with whom Naruto is acquainted. "For those of you who don't know this is Shizuka, leader of Nadeshiko Village." "A few weeks ago, my village was attacked by a man of considerable str...

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Sex Slave Nabiki

by MoteDog on Oct 27, 2017
Fan Fiction

by Kestral, the original author of this chapter. (_NOTE: _Ifa writer would like to use this chapter to make a story other than one that makes Nabiki a sex slave, go to Tenchi Universe, also on CHYOA.) “Yeah, right, like this’d work,” Ranma said. That he’d taken the battered old brass lamp to the most secluded place he knew of (the top of the Flem building -...

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Die Klassenreise

by johnsparks on Apr 14, 2015
Non-English (dated)

Vorwort: Klickt unten auf die Namen. Jede Person hat noch seine individuelle Story neben der Hauptstoryline. Endlich ist es soweit, der Tag auf den alle Schüler des Jahrganges gewartet haben, die Klassenreise kann beginnen. "Guten Morgen Dicka" begrüßt Murat seinen Kollegen Marvin, der schon vor dem Bus auf ihn wartet, "wo steckst du denn, all...

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"Lil' Wang"

by Ud on Nov 25, 2018

(Ud note: Warning this story entails elements of the ntr/cuckold fetish, viewer discretion is advised. Enjoy the read! Also, there are inconsistencies in the tense I'm using ignore it as good as you can, I will polish it when I have time. Alright enjoy the story. Peace.) "Puuh! Glad that's done, geez, I feel like dropping where I'm standing. This weathe...

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The Orcs

by Emptyplanet on Apr 17, 2018

Introduction / Backstory (CONTENT WARNING AT THE BOTTOM) The world of Adien is a fantasy world without magic where many races exist alongside one another, they mainly consist of the prime races and the beta races - these are races that hold humanoid intelligence and instincts, such as working together and mobilizing armies. However only the prime races are c...

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