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The Escort

by extreme1000 on Dec 14, 2015
Fan Fiction

The Escort Jose Pena had spent almost a year working in a male strip club. Shortly after his 19th birthday, he, after a teacher he was sleeping with suggested it, decided to try his hand at stripping. He found a male strip club for women and quickly got a job there. Almost instantly he became the most popular dancer there. It helped that the young Mexican-Am...

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An Attraction

by omgquality on Sep 17, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

It was in the middle of Beyoncé's "Live at Rose land" tour. There were millions of fans out in the crowd supporting her, many of Bey's close friends & family too. Such as, Kelly, Chris Brown, Michelle, Solange, Kanye, Usher, Gwyneth Paltrow, mom, dad & more. But that night Bey had a surprise guest-Nicki Minaj! Bey finished the last song of the night which wa...

Celebrity Shemales!

by Thorsten007 on Feb 6, 2018

Here, you can fuck the shemale version of your favorite celebrities! Feel free to add new celebrities! IMPORTANT: Leave a like for whichever celebrity you want me to write a shemale story for first!What's next? Scarlett Johansson Nicki Minaj Natalie Portman Britney Spears Jennifer Lawrence Margot Robbie Kate Winslet Kate Upton Keira Knightley Emma Watson Ka...

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by Cappadonna on Sep 26, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

"Look, man. I already promised the song to Iggy Azalea. I'd look like a complete fool if I reneged on the deal. Plus it's bad for business!" There I was. In my studio, on the phone with Nicki Minajs' manager. The guy was very persistent to say the least. Calling me at least 5 times a day, begging me to let Nicki use this amazing beat I produced. It was a gu...

Celebrity Hypnotist

by wicker on May 15, 2017
Mind Control

David Roberson earned a PhD in psychology when he was only twenty-two. He then worked in the psychology lab of an Ivy League university, doing tests on subliminal messaging, susceptibility, and influence. He had dedicated his life to his work, and had no social life; though, he did have a rather active imagination, especially when it came to his sexual fanta...

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Hot Sex Instead of Dancing Ch. 19

by SusanJillParker on Sep 16, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Please give me the support of your vote. * Tiffany takes Walter to a very exclusively private, secret celebrity, swinging hideout where only the rich and famous play all night and have sex with other celebrities. Saturday night and with Bill, Tiffany's husband, getting to know Linda, Walter's wife much better sexually, Walter and Tiffany were out for an...

Jamaican Experience Ch. 01

by desireexperienceit on Sep 16, 2017
Interracial Love

Hi a little background on me. I have just turned 29 and I am a stay at home wife, I am a gym bunny and also somewhat of a nymph. My husband and I are very experimental and fortunately have both fucked around a lot before we met each other. My typical day is morning sex, followed by the gym, some more sex whether it's my husband on his lunch, one of my girl...

Naked with the Stars

by 57 on Sep 26, 2017
Fan Fiction

Despite celebrities considers themselves some kind of special people, they’re just like us, the common ones, and they can live the same problems or embarrassing experiences that normal people could face. In this story, we will see that happen: Different celebrities, females, will live some curious and naughty adventures, in which they will lose all her cloth...

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Swag Captain #04

by iamthenight on Sep 26, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Scarlett Johansson, Oh my God! I'm not even going to sugarcoat it, Scarlett is one of the sexiest women who has ever walked this earth. Her lips, her ass, her eyes, her legs, HER BOOBS! WOW! I don't think that I ever met a man who didn't want to be inside Scarlett Johansson. For some reason, throughout my adventures on various red carpets, our paths never cr...

The Choice of Desires

by tusasre on Jan 4, 2021
Mind Control

My name is Sam Davies. I'm a rich, influential Hollywood agent. My life is quite standard for my job, although I have always found it quite hard to stay professional with so many hot women around me. I could fuck ordinary women, but they weren't enough for me, I wanted the "elite" ones. But, on the other hand, I didn't want a sexual harassment char...

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