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Tropical Joys Ch. 05

by Red Hugh on Sep 15, 2017

David liked young looking women. One of the reasons that he liked to fuck Helen was that even at 36 she could pass for someone much younger. Sam and Charlotte were of course young. They were however far from innocent and the hole in David's bank account was testimony of their professional status. What he wanted was someone who could feed his fantasies witho...

Nicki Submits Ch. 03

by codepoet on Sep 19, 2017

Having made her decision, Nicki felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders. The future was now something to be savoured, rather than feared. She busied herself with preparations for her next exploration. Exploration! How she loved Tom's use of that word, what a concept! Like a taking a canoe up-river into the darkest regions of an unexplored...

Three Generations Ch. 03

by a_decent_fellow on Mar 27, 2019

A note from the author: I refer to Nicki and Lori a lot in this part as, 'the girls'. Just a reminder, they are of legal age (18+). ******************************************************************* THREE GENERATIONS PT. 3 LONG LOST COUSINS, CONTINUED It was Saturday, July 3rd, around 5:30PM. Sharon had to leave to go work her 6:00PM to 2:00AM shift at...

The Bachelorette's Secret Ch. 02

by chaniseaustin on Dec 14, 2020
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

"Nicki Minaj?" Mikki scoffed. "Bullshit." "I swear on my kitten's life," Sasha said, applying glittery purple eyeshadow to Mikki's eyelids. She usually avoided glitter like the plague, but Sasha was an artist, striking just the right balance between carefree and sophisticated. "You did makeup for a world-famous female rapper and now you're working for a s...

Nicki Submits Ch. 04

by codepoet on Sep 19, 2017

Seated in the coffee shop on the high street, opposite the beauty salon, Nicki had a great view of the salon's waiting room. She was also beginning to understand the implications of Tom forbidding her to wear underwear. Walking down the high street, the winter wind blowing strongly, she had been acutely aware that a thin layer of skirt fabric was all that se...


by inkdrop on Sep 14, 2017
Loving Wives

Finally! Nicki Thompson thought to herself. I've finally made it home! I've been horney all afternoon, and now I'm going to do something about it! Name: Nicki Thompson Age: 28 Hair: Brown Height: 5 ft 3 in Weight: 111 lbs Measur: 28C-18-28 Click, click, click, went Nicki's red 4" high heel shoes as she walked-up the concrete sidewalk, from the drivewa...

My New Girlfriend's Mum Wanted Me

by Cleevedreams on Jun 26, 2019

I somehow knew from the moment I arrived at Emily's house that something was going on with her mum. Emily and I had been together only three weeks, we had slept together for the first time the weekend before, and it had been fantastic. So it wasn't an unusual event to be invited back to hers, to stop over, for a couple of nights when she had a job intervie...

Poolboy's Bi-sexual Clients Ch. 03

by walterio on Sep 12, 2017
Group Sex

CURT'S NEW ADVENTURE Curt was working at another neighbor's pool but he was thinking of the Smits. He was still in awe of Cindy's marvelous ass and he knew it was why Ricky married her. Cindy had an ass that one would never tire of fucking it; at least Curt felt that he would want to fuck it forever. He was still in disbelief of how his summer had turned ou...

L'Affaire C. 02

by sharkandpen on Sep 13, 2017

Jack couldn't help smiling the rest of the evening. He had done it. He had her. And it was a relief to know that her resistance to letting their status as couple be known was not because she didn't want a relationship, but because she thought she was some kind of diversion for him. The woman was anything but a diversion; he couldn't keep his mind away from h...

Forgive Me...But You're Mine Ch. 02

by Kissmesweet on Sep 13, 2017

Jared heard the muffled sobs from his bedroom. Though he felt for her he had no intention of letting her go and even less intention of trying to offer comfort. Many people had cried in his wake men and woman had sobbed over his choices even his ex-girlfriend had shed many tears because of him over the years. He did not fool himself to think she was crying ov...