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Infinite Scroll

Jessica Nigri unfortune

by Reddrik1 on Feb 2, 2018

Jessica had just woken up in her queen sized bed with drool going down her cheek onto the pink pillow that she was resting her head against. Her long blond hair was a mess like it always was in the morning. It was hard for her to resist just staying in bed all day but she knew that if she ever started to become too lazy it could effect her career. It took a...

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Pausing Youtubers

by dirty1992 on Sep 26, 2017
Fan Fiction

Welcome internet walker. If you have come across his interactive story then you have been selected to join in a little experiment. An experiment that will give you the power to pause any female YouTube personality in the same position as in a video and teleport to her location at that moment in time with the help of a special ipod. For your understanding her...

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Jessica Nigri - The Witches Gem

by Dirtyaussie81 on Feb 19, 2019
Mind Control

Jessica was just putting the finishing touches on her Sally Whitemane costume, she only needed to finish the choker which had a large red gem that a fan had sent her in one of her mail Monday videos. Taking the gem from the box she held it in her hand inspecting it. She never really paid much attention to it initially but looking it over more thoroughly came...

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Fun @ Dreamhack

by HumanElite on Jun 25, 2016

Roaring footsteps. Loud, obnoxious music. People with an odd sense of clothing. "Sure is DreamHack" he thought to himself while his eyes wondered away at the sights to be seen. The smell of teen sweat, junk food, and cheap deodorant was like a thick layer on his nose. The memories up to this point are foggy but unnecessary, he knew what was waiting...

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Smut Anthology

by lolhappy250 on Dec 9, 2018

This "story" is meant to be a replacement for my tumblr, since they decided to fuck themselves right after I started a blog, and since all my content was erotica anyways, this seemed like a serviceable choice. As such, within you'll find a variety of short stories and flash fiction, rather than an overarching plot. Fair warning, I lean heavily towa...

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Pausing Anyone, Anywhere

by gendo3991 on Nov 18, 2017
Fan Fiction

You receive a magical galaxy mobile from what may be a sorcerer maybe a god. It gives you the ability to pause time within a confined space or over the entire planet. To teleport to a location the time distortion is taking place in and manipulate paused individuals. Head my warning, however, anybody not in the space manipulated by your galaxy can see and hea...

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Futanari Domination World

by nigri on May 21, 2017

This society was rather different from the one you may be familiar with. Three common genders roamed the lands of man, but no longer did men rule, not even close. Just as before, there was males, and there were females, equal portions of the population shared between them, with roughly another third for the futanari, female bodies with male penises. While o...

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The Legend of Teen Monster Cock

by nigri on May 20, 2017

((Note* When first introducing a female in a scene, her link should be clickable with an image reference)) Xander Sowalski walked into the in the empty waiting room. It was quiet as ever. He came to stand before the receptionist who was face-deep in her phone. He was tall, a mountain of a young man at 6'1" and he was unfairly handsome. Xander was handso...

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A Series of Unwhoretunate Events

by nigri on May 26, 2015
Humor & Satire

Natalie Murphy was a rather reserved young woman. 21 years old, a shapely feminine jawline, plump lips, and sexy dark eyes, but given that she wore conservative clothing, little to no makeup, her hair in a ponytail, and had spent her high school and college years largely in the library, it meant that her social skills were a little lacking, and her romantic...

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Celeb Possession

by lazyninjas4 on Jan 27, 2017
Fan Fiction

Your name is Jeremy Jones. You are an 18 year old male who was walking home from school when you come across a shining red rock on the ground. You pick it up off the ground and take it home with you. Going up to your bedroom you hold the rock in your hand and look at it while looking up what it might be on your laptop. You start typing away when a random ad...

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