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Infinite Scroll

A Transforming Invention

by TransforMaster on Jun 1, 2016
Humor & Satire

In this story, somebody comes across a transformation device. This device allows the user to transform themselves or anybody else into anybody and everything. First choice is... What situation does this story start out with?What's next? Sara, a 24-year old student Sexy girl on a sofa! Two naked women(?) in bed Kate and Her Iffy Shapeshifting Chamber You are...

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Jessica Nigri - Can't Stop Us All Ch. 02

by Msunderland on Nov 26, 2019
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

It wasn't very long before Jessica finally rose and made her way out of the dark and frigid room, the guard out of sight and with no sounds indicating his return. She stood largely nude, bra still unclasped and her cum-glazed breasts still exposed, stepping into the hallway though still lost on where she should go. For one reason or another she had chosen no...

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The After-Con Experience

by EroticWriter1987 on May 16, 2018
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

(With Jessica Nigri and Meagan Orzel) Author's Note: This erotic fiction is created solely for sexual arousal purposes. All events herein are fictitious and the author has no relation, sexual or otherwise, with any of the subjects of this story. Only intended to be read by persons 18 and older. * Meagan kicked off her shoes and exchanged them for comforta...

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Jessica Nigri - Can't Stop Us All Ch. 01

by Msunderland on Sep 24, 2019
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Jessica finished taking the final photo after, twelve poses and expressions later, settling on nestling the bulky frame of the replica M41A between her legs with two fake hand grenades duct taped underneath it as she stroked the grip and held the trigger. Her phone snapped a series of rapid photos as she imitated the face of a gorilla trapped in orgasm while...

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Jessica Nigri - Can't Stop Us All Ch. 03

by Msunderland on Oct 21, 2019
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Jessica awoke slowly in the darkness of the pod room, her head being quickly filled with that familiar sensation of a pleasant drunkness. Her eyelashes flitted quickly as she came to realize she was still in the base, still covered in the sticky cum of strange creatures yet none were in sight and the room was entirely silent. She had been laying down when sh...

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Geeking Out Ch. 01

by YoBiteMe on Jun 25, 2019

Aimee made a living as a Cosplayer. While she wasn't overly tall, her legs were longer than her frame would suggest. They led to a tiny waist and short torso which held two large, pillowy breasts that were soft and supple despite naturally sitting high on her chest. Her face was pretty, almost sensual, with deep blue eyes you could swim in. Her hair constant...

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Vacation: Rawrbug

by captainbuttass on Sep 13, 2017
First Time

This is an erotic piece of fiction established in the real world. ***** Houses in the sleepy neighborhood of Brookdale bathed in morning fog; Trees mingling with lofty cloudscapes hung overhead, extending past civilization to create a vexing tapestry of flora and fauna. Twilight lingered, dripping starlight onto riverbanks still blanketed in the chill of n...

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Paizuri Princess

by Volente on Dec 3, 2019
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

The convention ran from Friday to Sunday; so by the time the sun was setting on Saturday, everyone was getting in the mood to party. Not that you could easily tell the sun was going down from inside the sprawling convention centre/hotel complex, a comfortably dull cluster of beige rectangles that did little to encourage guests to go outside. Which was kind o...

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Alex & Alexa Ch. 16

by BiscuitHammer on Dec 2, 2017

Alex & Alexa Disclaimer: Read... the... Author's... Notes. For the love of Sanguinius, PLEASE, before you comment or send hate mail. You have opposable thumbs, live up to that evolutionary gift. If characters are having sexy time, they're 18 or older. Deal with it. Chapter 16- Here With You, At The End Of All Things "To my dearest family... I am so s...

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