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Female Non-Consent Fantasies

by LaSalia on Sep 13, 2017
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Often on this site we see trolls who berate authors for their use of non-consent and misogyny. Said trolls erroneously determine that the author either A: hates women, or B: hates herself. These assumptions are both faulty on the same grounds. Primarily the reason is because women are more likely to read and enjoy rape fantasies than men due to societal boun...

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New Law - No More Consent

by Midnite_Val on Jun 5, 2019

This is a story about a country that is slowly losing its mind and in its descent the government decides to do away with the consent laws and introduce a new Free Use policy. Any woman over the age of consent automatically consents to sexual acts if someone asks them politely. For the most interesting stories we focus on the first few days after the law has...

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

by JimJoeBob on Sep 26, 2017

The internet is just a pool of photos with little explaination that make one question, theorize, and fantasize about the backstory to the photograph. Here I'm encouraging authors to find some of their favorites and see what they can do with their minds and a google image search. Enjoy what their perverted minds have come up with and here is a link to the for...

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Divine Punishment

by SnoopDogg on Oct 28, 2017

(WARNING: RAPE AND NON CONSENT ARE A BIG THEME IN THIS STORY. IF YOU’RE NOT OK WITH THAT, STOP NOW.) You’re an average fellow. You work a shitty job, live in a shity apartment, in a shitty city. You go day to day just trying pay the bills. You have a bit of an interest though. You rape. Every few nights or so, you’ll pick out an alleyway in this shithole of...

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Dick for hire

by Ankoino on Feb 25, 2017

The sign on your office door reads simply, "dick for hire." You've fucked, raped, seduced, and pleasured hundreds of women in your career, whatever your clients want as long as they can pay up when the job is through. Unfortunately you're in a bit of a dry spell. You sit bored and jobless for the ninth day in a row, about to call it a day until you...

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Ultimate Surrender federation

by Doadventures.10 on Sep 26, 2017

“For the thousands in attendance and the millions watching around the world. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s get ready to rumble” *wow* you thought to yourself, that voice and that speech gets you every time.What's next? Lets get ready to Rumble! Spectator What's next? Lets get ready to Rumble! Spectator...

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Using Literotica

by Goldeniangel on Sep 14, 2017
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This fabulous website known as offers a plethora of reading material in many different categories. Therefore, despite attempts to make the site easy to use by putting the stories into specific categories, there always seem to be some readers who manage to get lost and find themselves reading a story that they REALLY don't like. Often they deci...

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Where taking what you want is the norm

by DiabolicalFiend on Jan 6, 2019

Note: Free use is possible between couples, this story is built from fantasies i've had over years as well as experience of free use between my past and present partner(s). Though waking up in the morning, or helping my self to my partner on the sofa and having the ability to pull down her panties to have my way is fun. This is a look into a possible world o...

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Greenville High (with pictures)

by Lucas1 on Jun 2, 2018

List of characters: Kylie - 19 - Popular: Alex: Ms Robinson - English Teacher - : Tracy - Cheerleader - : What's next? Character Links ect Male POV - Dylan Female POV - Kylie What's next? Character Links ect Male POV - Dylan Female POV - Kylie...

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Weekend Slave Contract

by One_Two_Nine on Sep 16, 2017
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WAIVER AND CONSENT OF ZZZZ Z ZZZZ IN FAVOUR OF MASTER XXXXXXX This Waiver and Consent is granted by me, zzzz z.zzzz (hereinafter referred to in the first person), of qqqqqq, qqqqqq, in favour of the Dominant Man known as Master Xxxxxxx, of ••••••, •••••••, and to Master Xxxxxxx's agents and assigns. WHEREAS:     a.   &nb...

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