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Infinite Scroll

Victoria's Angels

by sucker510 on Sep 26, 2017
Fan Fiction

Victoria's real secret? It isn't lingerie... Its crime-fighting supermodels! Like its Angels' modeling careers, the Victoria's Secret business is just a cover. Its real purpose? To bring bad guys to justice. The Victoria's Secret Angels are the organization's operatives. All of the Angels, old and new, are trained martial artists, sharpshooters and detective...

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The Virgin Continent

by crunchyspag on Sep 26, 2017
Erotic Couplings

It is the Age of Discovery. For thousands of years, the Eastern Hemisphere has conducted its business internally, largely oblivious to the other half of the world, separated from it by two vast oceans. However, advances in sailing have allowed this obstacle to be overcome by those brave enough to attempt it. Vast forests cover this dark territory, which has...

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by nymphette on Jun 4, 2018

Alice Marie Fairborn opened her narrow cerulean eyes for the first time in 9 hours, her arms stretched in an energizing motion before leaping off her velvet-draped bed in happiness. She was finally out of high school! She had turned eighteen a week before, and spent it at the local church she and her parents attended every Sunday. Unlike most of her classmat...

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Dominate x Dominated

by Aseari on Sep 26, 2017

People say there are mages, wizards and blessed beings. They say everyone can do magic, they be Goblin, Human, Dwarven, Kobold, Elven or other. They say everyone has a soulmate. All are true, but not in the way one expects. Sure, there are minor spells most races can cast, minor wishes and boons everyone can gain through devotion to gods, but that's not all....

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Cultivating Futa Warriors

by HungryTentacle on Nov 25, 2018

Introduction Strength is power in Futaria, and the easiest way to gain strength is to fuck your way to power. Betas must meditate and cultivate the ambient power of the world and distill it into Resolve. This resolve strengthens their bodies, enhances their minds, empowers their magic, and grows their cocks. But that’s the beta way to gain power. It’s slow a...

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Parking Lot

by Anopheles on Sep 12, 2017

It's amazing how quickly you can get horny when you need to. I had been working the night shift for about a year or so, and although the shift to being a night owl had been difficult, I finally adjusted. I had come to enjoy the nighttime very much. It gave me time to enjoy the quiet stillness that you can only experience in the dead of night. I had just lef...

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Daddy and Babygirl - A New Girl Ch. 02

by daddysgirl83 on Sep 12, 2017

*All participants are over the age of 18. If nonconsent/reluctance is not your thing please do not read.* * Babygirl had been waiting patiently, well as patiently as she could, to find out what happened the other night with Melissa. So far, Daddy hadn't said a word about it. She was starting to think that he wasn't going to share with her. While that had i...

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My Sexuality Ch. 03

by TheOriginalAnonymous on Sep 16, 2017
Reviews & Essays

I want to share her with other men. Those men will need to be black. That can be... misinterpreted? Offensive, even? And it can also seem rather selfish; if it's something that I am doing for her as much as for me then how can I make a demand of her like that? First I'll discuss the black thing. I explained that I think I fall closer to the straight spectru...

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Adventures in the Amazon

by Morian6 on Sep 26, 2017
Science Fiction

You are a young biologist working deep in the Amazon to collect new species of plants. However, dangerous unknown creatures prowl this jungle. Many of them would love to make you their meal, and others may have different ideas for you... The story begins on the next page. (Disclaimer: This story has elements of second person hypnosis. For those susceptible t...

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Caught in the Crossfire Ch. 03

by dresbach on Sep 14, 2017

Thank you all for your positive comments and emails about the story so far. Unfortunately, there have been more than a few readers sending me personal emails, detailing how they plan rating my story a one star just because of the genre. Thank you...I think...for your honesty, and the heads-up of your intensions (as if there was anything I could do about them...

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