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Infinite Scroll

What's in my ass?

by alternatereality08 on Jan 1, 2018

A/N: This is a fun/dumb story that shouldn't really be taken too seriously. Edit: I made some edits to the story in order to make it make a little more sense. Edit 2: I made some changes to the premise to allow for more options and interesting plotlines. In a world similar to ours, a strange law has been passed: women can't wear anything on their lower half,...

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World of Possibilities

by stretchingfiction on Mar 1, 2021

So my story begins when I was exploring an old antique shop on the west coast. It was one of those disorganized and dirty older shops. With the dust thick in places and cobwebs clinging to everything out of reach. Had mostly seen the usual junk when an old trunk caught my eye. After haggling with the old shop owner I was able to get him down to 50 and he jus...

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The Bitch of the Pentagram

by Spation on Sep 8, 2020
Mind Control

Madelina moves to the country side. She takes a taxi and is briefly introduced about the surroundings of where she'll live and what has happened at her new property. She, like a true city-dweller, thinks the whole demon mumbo-jumbo is a load of horse-crap and soon finds herself possessed by something which reveals and lives off of all her hidden desires. All...

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a twisted reality

by stretchingfiction on Mar 4, 2021

One day The world was exposed to nanomachines made by an evil scientist and the rules changed for everyone on earth. The first rule that changed was that No could a woman say no. Every person was perfectly healthy thanks to the Nanos. and even women to their 60 look like they are 20 again. The second was that it hyperstimulated all men. They had a mental sug...

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Anal Gape World

by alternatereality08 on Dec 18, 2019

A/N: Please suspend your disbelief for parts of this story. I know a lot of it isn’t realistic or possible, but it’s just a story. It’s likely that many of the insertions that will be written are not possible in real life and should not be attempted. In a world similar to our world, the expectations for women are very different. Women are expected to have a...

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Sexual Realignment Training

by sydneydom on Sep 12, 2017

Author's note: (WARNING: strong literary depictions of sexual torture.) I find my stories to be polarising. Readers either love them or are repulsed by their extreme nature. I think one of the most interesting and compelling things about fiction is that it can be hyper-real, as it only requires two things to be able to intensely depict a situation; my writin...

So Many Fetishes, So Little Time

by vic_elor on Sep 16, 2017
Reviews & Essays

With over six billion people on the planet almost everything has probably been seen as an object of sexual obsession or desire. What's my point? No matter how world savvy you are there are probably at least a few fetishes you haven't heard of before. So I've made it my goal to open up the door to these hidden thoughts and desires. Who knows, you might find o...

Daddy's Little Girl

by mind_sex on Sep 16, 2017
Interracial Love

Any sexual involvement in this story was involved with people over 18 only. * "Well that was the head master," my petite wife said as she entered the dining room with the phone in her hand and her lips pursed. Her pretty latina face looked expectantly at our daughter who sat across the table from me, a worried look on her face. My wife didn't have to say...

Gen-Mods Inc.

by Learningfast on Sep 16, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Genital Modifications Incorporated. Introduction 19th December 2316 [Old style]; 22nd Mozart 0199 [New style] As I come to the end of my period of tenure as official historian to the company, I wish to lay out an account of the 200-year activity of Genital-Modifications Incorporated, so that future researchers will understand the role played by a single c...

The Aliens Beyond Antares 5

by nikki_2021 on Oct 22, 2019
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Thanks to Tex Beethoven for his editing. -- +++ -- All characters in this work of fiction are over the age of 18. -- +++ -- Sheena walked along the silent plas-steel corridor toward the lab, wondering if anything would please break up the monotony of her upcoming shift. For six months she'd been carrying out research on this space station orbiting An...