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Windows '06

by Goatilocks on Aug 19, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

So there I was, some thirty floors above ground level, my knees knocking together nervously as I balanced precariously on a rickety old work lift cleaning office windows. Not the ideal job for someone who doesn't enjoy heights or the picturesque view of the sprawling city, but a job's a job. And after me spending two-months tracking, hunting and finally land...

Alex Chandler Makes An...

by er0tic4u on Sep 17, 2017
Loving Wives

Alex Chandler Makes An Office Slut Out of Mrs. Prim "Mrs. Prim, I could go public with these and you'd lose everything." Alex Chandler threatened as he threw down a sheaf of papers on his oak desk. "Mrs. Prim, trusted employee, uses Chandler's computers to write erotic emails. What would your husband think about his wife being such a slut at work?" I coul...

Office Slut Ch. 2

by A Cracker Slut on Sep 19, 2017

It had been a week since Linda had submitted to Graham's control, and a lot had changed. Linda felt like a new women, a feeling she was careful to keep under wraps out of the office. She got to work early so she could change into clothes more suitable for an office slut. Anyone seeing her on the train in the morning would see the same old, slightly mumsy l...

Amber the Office Slut Pt. 01

by NaughtyWritings on Sep 26, 2017

Amber was in the dark, standing in the locked supply closet at her office. She had been put here once a week for the last several months, as it was Friday, her day of being the office slut. She imagined office sluts at most work places had it very differently, because Amber worked at a Woman's advertising agency, a place where almost 100% of the employees...

Domination at the Office Pt. 01

by SluttySirenxxx on Sep 16, 2017

Kate didn't mean to dress so slutty and sexy on her first day at the office, but it seemed like even when she tried to dress modestly in her white button down and short skirt, her skirt would ride up to show her round ass and the buttons would gap to show her voluptuous breasts. At 5"3 she was small but curvy. Her curves outshined any supermodel on the catw...

Intern to Slut Pt. 01

by MadWisco on Nov 27, 2018

It was a warm and sunny early August morning when Brian Smith pulled into the parking garage in the building below the office of his engineering firm. The construction season was in full swing, but design work was slowing down until the winter rush for next spring. Brian was coming in early as he usually did to get a jump on the day. He took the elevator up...

Vanessa's Dissonance Ch. 16

by Cathartico on Sep 25, 2017

"Finally!" Vanessa breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, Mark and Vanessa had managed to arrive at the law-office and get off the street. She couldn't even tell how relieved she was about it. This morning, the day's prospect had looked more than easy and relaxed. It was Friday afternoon and Vanessa had to entertain Stanton, Miller and Erickson as the office-s...

Intern to Slut Pt. 02

by MadWisco on Dec 12, 2018

Nicole returned to her desk near the entrance to the main office and tried to regain a professional state of mind. The fantasy that had grown in her 23 year old mind had been relieved by the actions of her boss, but what did he mean by, "This isn't over..." She had declared herself, "His slut," and still longed to find out exactly what his pants hid. She had...

Afternoon Scandal Ch. 01

by slutsy on Sep 14, 2017

Author's Note: Everyone in this story is over eighteen. Please, rate and review. Enjoy. J Chapter One Michael had kept his distance from her lately and it bothered more than she cared to admit. She'd gotten that part-time job in Conrad's office just so she could spend more time around him. She didn't understand why he was so dismissive as of late. She knew...

A Business Arrangement Ch. 1

by Isabella Thorne on Sep 14, 2017

It is 10:03 a.m. on the office clock ... I am late for our meeting. I hastily enter the boardroom where already the chairs are filled as they sit waiting impatiently for me. They are business people .. men and women .. they number eight in all. I enter and lock the door behind me. I remove my clothes. In this soundproof conference room I am the only one nake...