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What Women Want From Men Ch. 03

by almost on Sep 12, 2017
How To

What Every Woman Wants –Chapt 3 Awakening of dormant female sexuality phase two. Foreword: I’m still waiting for the flames from the last chapter, with some amusement, knowing they are forthcoming, and for all of you who will indeed claim you don’t need awakening, well GREAT for you! Why’d you read it then? And the reason Henry Ford stopped making only blac...

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Alien of the Family

by cwr2000 on Sep 12, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

The Louisiana bayou was extremely hot and humid, with thick clouds of mosquitoes and gnats swirling around the red sportscar and the two women who emerged from it. Linda was a 36 year old redheaded woman with sexy, rubenesque curves on her 5'6" body, with 36D breasts and hips that flared out to give her an hourglass figure the men she had fucked in her life...

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Alien Orgasm Pt. 06

by Alaisiagae on Sep 25, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

One hundred and sixty million years ago, a small moon, orbiting a gas giant, in a planetary system near the center of Milky Way Galaxy, gave birth to a reptilian species that rapidly became sentient. The civilization it spawned was hardly noteworthy, except for one highly unique quality. Namely, its rapid rate of development. It went from stone age to indus...

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by HughMungus1 on Mar 3, 2020
Group Sex

"The trick is to combine your waking, rational abilities with the infinite possibilities of your dreams. 'Cuz if you can do that, you can do anything." ― The Waking Life Soaked in her BFF's girl cum, the woman released a nut that could satisfy an 800-pound squirrel. From a nearby couch, her mid-20s daughter watched with more intent than the Koch brothers d...

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Becoming Bree Ch. 04

by BrettJ on Sep 15, 2017

Chapter 4: Interlude The drive to her Aunt Tera's home was mostly in silence, as if Sabrina thought she'd burst or explode with all the emotions running through her. She continued to be overwhelmed by her mother, everything that the beautiful woman did astonished her, surprised her and made her horny as hell. The ride was smooth inside her mom's sporty li...

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Just Being Wolfy Ch. 11

by Jayleen88 on Sep 19, 2017

Hi guys!!! We have reached the ELEVENTH and FINAL installment of JUST BEING WOLFY series!! We have reached the ENDING!! The journey from CHAPTER 1 to CHAPTER 11 has been amazing... Please keep on VOTING and COMMENTING!!! Millions of BIG thanks and appreciation goes to STEVESWOMAN for wanting to EDIT and CHECK my endless flow of grammatical-mistakes!! THA...

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A Demon Scorned Ch. 06

by charmscale on Feb 10, 2020
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Anita The next day a messenger was dispatched to the palace in Kerath's capital to tell King Hector that the High Lord of Cendan wished an audience with him. Saban and I didn't wait for the king's reply, though, or for the large encounterage that was being organized for the trip to Kerath. We set out on our own. I needed to see my family, and reassure the...

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Daughter's Anal Slave Ch. 05

by patty_parker60 on Sep 25, 2017

By patty parker_65 (buxom_lesbian_slutmom) At the end of CHAPTER 4: Shelly grasps Eileen's hips and levers her monster dingus the rest of the way into her busty mom's wrecked butt-hole. The whimpering mother's rectum finally stretches enough to accommodate the full length and girth of the invading latex wang, and her sigh of relief is half sob, half sigh...

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King of Lust

by PhoenixPlays05 on Jul 7, 2019

You wake up, in a lonely bed, at about midnight. Your father, King Elba, has stolen all the eligible women, yet again. Of course, it did seem like your mother, the beautiful Queen Laena , was interested in you, but Father made sure no woman would ever be in bed with you. The only woman you’ve ever been with was Rayne, the gorgeous elf who taught you the basi...

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The Moral Slavery Ammendment Ch. 06

by Vslave on Jun 1, 2020

The camera man brought Ava Abrams to their manager's house, a small mansion in a quiet bedroom town only a twenty-minute commute out of the city. On the way Ava was given back her clothes which her colleague had picked up from the floor of the theater. She also opened her slave training kit which she received from a secretary on the way out of the courthouse...

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