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Infinite Scroll

Sisterly Bonds Ch. 04

by peabo85 on Sep 15, 2017

Note: All characters are over 18 As the nineteen year old panted softly, simply enjoying being able to hear the sound of her own voice without it being muffled through a huge cloth stuffed halfway in her mouth and tied there. "My jaw hurts." She whispered, licking her lips. "She sure knows how to get those in there. At least she didn't use one that tasted...

Sisterly Bonds Ch. 05

by peabo85 on Sep 15, 2017

Note: All characters are over 18 * The younger sister awoke to the sound of her older sister opening her door, holding several items in her hand, several more behind her back. She blinked, feeling some of the tear stains from earlier. "Wakey wakey, little sis." She smirked. "I brought some new toys for you." The younger sister moaned a little into the it...

Sisterly Bonds Ch. 01

by peabo85 on Sep 15, 2017

Note: All characters are over 18 Part One "Nrgmmmmmph!" Came the protests of the little sister as her older sister worked on her bindings. "Oh hush; it's the same as it's ever been." The older sister said, grinning as she continued working on her younger sister's bonds. "You're going to be just fine." In a house in a certain place, two sisters are in a r...

Sisterly Bonds Ch. 01.5: Bad End A

by peabo85 on Sep 15, 2017

Note: All characters are over 18 Part 1.5-bad end 1 * She quickly decided to make a run for it. Standing up as well as she could with her arms and legs still tied, she hopped over to the door. She opened it quietly and began to hop down the hall as stealthily as she was able. However, she wasn't stealthy enough, as her sister somehow heard her footsteps,...

Sisterly Bonds Ch. 02.5: Bad End B

by peabo85 on Sep 15, 2017

Note: All characters are over 18 The younger sister quickly undid the screw holding the back in place, removing it so that she could escape the chair and have more movement in her arms. After that, she stood up, moving the seat of the chair away from the legs, overturning the legs so that she could move her legs independently of the chair. "There." She tho...

The Horse Keeper Ch. 02

by sandollar04 on Sep 13, 2017
Group Sex

It was now Wednesday, and I had had the best night in years. I couldn't stop thinking all night about my sexual encounter in the barn that evening. I must have jacked off at least five times. I had to wash my sheets when I woke up. Still, as many times as I had ejaculated that evening and night, I woke up ready for more. The day had gone by fast, and before...

When They're Gone

on Aug 6, 2019

It was four months ago when the last of the explosions rocked my family's small shelter. The dust had hardly settled before it was all over. Our family had just made it into the shelter in time to avoid the nuclear blasts, almost burning at our backs as we hurried through the airlock and into the underground home. Unfortunately, my father was working overtim...

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Training a Tramp

by BrettJ on Sep 16, 2017

Hi readers. This is another in the recent series featuring the Chinese sisters, Lauren and Rachel. The first two appearances are "With 2 You Get ... " and "Winning Answer" if you haven't read them yet. Raymond's not around for the hi-jinx this time out -- and this one is a mite different from the previous chapters, but I hope you won't mind. Vote and comment...

Sister's Needs

by MTL17 on Sep 11, 2017
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Author's note: This is set during Season 4 of The Walking Dead. ***** They clearly weren't the first to raid the country club or whatever the correct term for this place was. At least it had four walls, a roof and most importantly doors which they could barricade, meaning they would get the best nights sleep they'd had since the prison fell. That was sever...

Alextraza's Chronicles 01

by Alexstraza on Sep 16, 2017

Alestraza's Chronicles 01 Police woman in trouble Like I said, I've been in this business a long time. I've tried out many different ways to corrupt, seduce and manipulate women. Variety is the spice of life right? But everyone has favorites. Mine isn't telling a girl to do something, its setting up a situation where they want to do it, I give them a coc...