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Infinite Scroll

Carcasonne Ch. 06

by bad_hobbit on Sep 14, 2017
Erotic Couplings

Carcassonne, Chapter Six – A Place Called Home © Bad Hobbit Over supper, Rodrigo and Marie looked a little tired – we had heard them at intervals during the day, and the sounds were becoming more amusing every time. Marie had relaxed and was now very vocal when she climaxed – a quality I admire in a woman, as it rarely fails to excite me to my own peak. (T...

Carcasonne Ch. 03

by bad_hobbit on Sep 14, 2017

Carcassonne, Chapter Three – Come One, Come All © Bad Hobbit I called for Rodrigo. The women began to grab for the bedclothes to cover their nakedness, but I reminded them that my manservant had closely inspected their most private regions earlier this very evening. When Rodrigo entered, he brought hot water, wine, cheeses, bread and fruits that had been p...

Passion on the High Seas

by Passion_over_Reason on Sep 17, 2017

It is 1724. Mary Johnson was 24 years old and a still a young maiden. She was on her way to Jamaica to take her first posting from her Church-school as a school teacher. She'd had a very strict Puritanical upbringing and had worked very hard to get where she was. She was extremely proper, decent and well educated. But deep down she had deep and dark desires...

A Valentine's Day Mess Pt. 03

by NotWise on Sep 15, 2017

4. The Messenger Manny paced beside the airport terminal and scanned the horizon to the north. Claudia lost her cell phone signal after she got off the ground, and he hadn't heard from her since. He got his hopes up every time a dot appeared above the horizon; sometimes it was a hawk or a turkey vulture, sometimes it was a small plane, but it was never the...

The Realm of the Fighting Ladies Pt. 01

by blackbel2003 on Sep 14, 2017
Novels and Novellas

Chapter One Rodrigo de Toledo brushed his eyes. He was lying in the small boat where he had jumped in the middle of the tempest that had broken the caravel's masts the night before. He shivered at the memory of the huge waves pushing the men into the ocean, while the ship inclined dangerously and the thick curtain of rain made it impossible to see two yards...

Dominic Ch. 08

by Truth74 on Sep 16, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

This is number eight in the ongoing saga. Check out my listing and you'll understand anything you've missed. "The bloodline needs some help from the outside, and you are a strong looking dog. If you do well, I may let you meet my bitch. Then we'll talk about why you left your territory to visit mine, Alpha." Dominic accepted the offer and spent the next t...

The Poker Game

by llambert on Sep 2, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

There was a knock on the thin wooden door. Mercedes was startled. Who could that be? It was too early for the postman and anyway she was not expecting a package. She got up from the table and walked to the door. The door creaked as she cracked it open and looked outside. A man in a suit was standing on her porch. "Rodrigo?" she asked recognizing a long no...

Part Time Job Ch. 04

by tenebrae512 on Sep 25, 2017
Loving Wives

As spring gave way to summer, I had a thriving garden, a young toddler and two middle-schoolers to tend, as well as all the usual housework. Tommy was doing great at work and was making more money than ever. He had started buying me all sorts of little gifts on a whim. He would come home with red roses in hand or a new piece of jewelry, with a card attached....

Carcasonne Ch. 05

by bad_hobbit on Sep 14, 2017
Erotic Couplings

Carcassonne, Chapter Five – A Warm, Wet, Welcome © Bad Hobbit We reached Carcassonne around two weeks after we had left. We had disguised ourselves as simple travellers and had attached ourselves to a small group of pilgrims moving towards Santiago de Compostella. Returning to the inn, sporting luxuriant beards and still in disguise as pilgrims, we surpri...

Dominic Ch. 09

by Truth74 on Sep 16, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Dominic hadn't planned on locking up with some anonymous bitch. He'd only gotten her name, Rachelle, from her mind. He finally was able to slide out from between her legs when he went down. When he slipped out of the room to make a hasty get away, he was greeted by guards. They took him directly to Rodrigo. "What did you do to my bitch, Dominic?" "I swell...