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Doris' Private Secretary Ch. 01

by ossforyou on Sep 12, 2017

PART 1: THE INTERVIEW At 45 years old, Doris was a successful businesswoman. She built her Amazon Executive Women's consulting company from nothing to a thriving business with six great women employees. Doris loved being in charge whether it was her business or her personal life. She was going to hire her first male secretary, who would open her mail, scree...

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The Marble Game

by averagecouple on Aug 31, 2017
How To

Preface: Here is a game my wife and I have come to enjoy. It is our modification of the "marble game" (with many thanks to all of the people posting there own versions in the past). Ours incorporates many of the fetishes that both my wife and I share and enjoy (mostly with her being dominant) as well as more mundane choices, made more exciting by being part...

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The Art of Oral Sex

by Lizette on Sep 13, 2017
How To

Are you good at oral sex? This aspect of love making is very important in the sense of sustaining a good relationship with your lover. Any woman can put a cock in her mouth, but if she cannot do it in such a way that her lover is pleased, then what is the point? When performing oral sex, you must always maintain eye contact. This is very sensual and your l...

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Dream Job

by Exakta66 on Sep 1, 2017
Humor & Satire

The California Board of Education meeting once again ran late into the night. The stale air became stifling in the August evening as the air conditioning units had been shut down over an hour ago. Tempers started to flare, as discussions had become as hot as the California sunshine. Arguments were heard and heard again with no end in sight. "Look," said the...

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Oral Fixation

by Selena_Kitt on Sep 12, 2017
Reviews & Essays

I'm a psychologist by trade, but I'm far from your mainstream therapist, and I'm certainly not a Freudian—although to be fair, in spite of the faults we can find today in a lot of his theories about the psyche, the guy did open the door to self-reflection, and that can't ever be a bad thing. He thankfully paved the way for (and helped mentor, at least for a...

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Superstitions Ch. 27

by Bakeboss on Sep 12, 2017
Chain Stories

As I look back, I remember it all started on a Monday. We got up late because I finally begged enough to get my girlfriend, Mandy, to give me some oral sex. While eating breakfast in such a rush I knocked over the salt reaching for the coffee. Mandy told me to take a pinch of salt and throw it over my left shoulder or I'll have bad luck. I laughed at her sil...

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Oral Presentations

by Rondeevu on Dec 25, 2018
Erotic Couplings

This story is true. All participants are over 18 years old and consenting adults. This story, although written by me, was edited by "soppingwetpanties" and I am very much indebted to her for the assistance. *** Last week my Firm had a two day "off-site" for Partners and Senior Managers at a posh conference centre about an hour north of the City. It is ge...

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Oral Fixation to the Extreme

by LeggoMyEars on Sep 11, 2017
Loving Wives

When Dusty first met Christy she told him her favorite thing in the world was sucking cock! He thought, "Yeah, OK we'll see about that!" But he kept an open mind because he too had a very obsessive oral fixation for eating pussy! Turns out that the first time they got naked, Christy literally swallowed Dusty's cock and didn't even want to do anything else!...

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New Airport Regulations

by Lionheart72 on Sep 12, 2017
Humor & Satire

Authors Note: I was flying somewhere recently and the thought struck me that the way all these airport security checks are going, soon we'll all be stripping naked to get on planes. Well, that led to other thoughts which led to this bit of satire. Kelly stood in the airport security line, fidgeting. She didn't mind flying, but she hadn't done it in years...

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Oral Pleasures

by schreckdog on Sep 19, 2017
Loving Wives

You whisper in my ear what you you want to do to me. Telling me to just enjoy it all. Who am I to deny you your desires and my oral pleasures? Removing my shirt, then my pants, leaving my boxers on for the moment. You stare at my near nakedness with your smile so bright, I just want you so bad, but I obey your command not to move. Running your hands on my...

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