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The Elusive Vaginal Orgasm

by Dyslexicea on Sep 16, 2017
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We don't have orgasms from penal penetration so surly we must be frigid. Isn't that the way it's been for centuries. I thought that notion disappeared back in the 60's, but it surely must be true as so many women writers here at Literotica claim they have these wondrous, marvelous throw me on the floor spread my legs and fuck me orgasm. I surely must be a fr...

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Living Life on the Edge

by julie_julia on Sep 12, 2017
Toys & Masturbation

I have a fantasy about self-denial; call it a recurring nightmare ..... *********************** A woman (let's call her 'Julia', if only because that's a lovely name) has an extremely high libido and is constantly looking for ways to achieve ever more intense feelings of sensual and sexual fulfilment. Over many years she perfects her technique of orgasm...

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Renter Pt. 05

by bbccouple on Sep 14, 2017
Interracial Love

Lisa left Robert's office to meet the first construction crew. Robert walked her down the hall to a meeting room. Lisa had Robert's cum leaking out of her the whole walk down. Along the way, Robert mentioned the first group worked for a company called Urban Builders. The first of three crews she was to meet with. "Remember Lisa, you have 2 hours to meet eac...

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Teased and Denied Ch. 01

by bighouselover on Sep 25, 2017

Chapter 01: the Beginning This is my first attempt at writing. While this story and subsequent ones come from a slightly warped and perverted mind you should know that it is a work of fiction. That being said it does not negate the fact that it does accurately reflect some of my deepest and most secret fantasies. Would I like for this to become a reality? I...

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The Toy-Man

by ParkCop on Sep 12, 2017

After many long hours of work I was finally ready for the weekend. More importantly, I was going to test out the new toys that I had been working on, and the slut that I call my own was going to be paying the price for my inventiveness. It was going to be a very long weekend for her. At precisely 6pm I heard her key in the door and a few minutes later she p...

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Melanie's Seduction Ch. 04

by jones286 on Jan 15, 2019
Interracial Love

Chapter 4 Bringing racial acceptance into the home.... The next idea that Lisa had was that Michael should purchase a large black vibrator to use on Melanie. Lisa explained to Michael how exciting it would be for him to see the sexual pleasure that such a long thick black cock would give to Melanie's tight pussy. At first he was resistant, feeling shy a...

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End of the Night

by bighockey on Sep 17, 2017
Loving Wives

Kathy could feel as her pussy was quivering but she knew that she needed to cum some more. She worked her fingers in her pussy to ensure that every inch was being explored. Her juices covered her hand and coated her lips. Her clit stood out at attention as her thumb strummed it gently. "Oh, I need to cum. I want to cum. That pussy is so hot and wet," she w...

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by faceslap on Sep 17, 2017

"I hope you enjoyed that orgasm, slave," my Lord says quietly, "You will not have another until next Sunday, over a week away." "Why, my Lord?"I ask, my voice a tad too high, a little scared. "Because you were such a slut last night. Because it pleases me. Because you will be in agony. All. Week. Long." It isn't the first time we'd played this game. I'd...

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by crialia on Sep 19, 2017
Mind Control

As Sarah awoke, she briefly remembered what it was like before her sentence had been carried out. This was part of the punishment. She was meant to remember, to understand what had been taken from her, and why. The memories imposed themselves on her conscious mind as vivid as though they dated from only yesterday. She remembered her boyfriend, Miguel, remem...

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My Neighbor Ch. 04

by jeffss45 on Sep 25, 2017

I've been visiting Peggy every 4 or 5 days for the past month. I've been teased more than I thought possible. I've been left in halls and exam rooms while being denied orgasm. I was left in a waiting room once. I've had a group of five women watch me cum after an extremely long tease. I've been denied orgasm next to a woman who was also being denied orgasm....

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