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Master Beckons Ch. 02

by LFFemdom on Jul 13, 2020

You wake up in the morning, sore again from your last experience with your master, but your 19 year old body is already you're eager for more. You go about your day, constantly thinking about what will happen next, and you couldn't be happier when the text finally arrives. And he's your perfect escape, "Please yes. Come get me Mister." After a moment a tex...

Loving Stepdaughter Ch. 03

by leatherteacher on Sep 15, 2017

"Yes, Candy, I'm sure I want to make my stepmother into a submissive sub slut slave," charlotte said to her cousin. "I've done exactly what you told me to do. Charles and I keep her on the edge of orgasm for five or so days using her for every kind of sex we can think of. Then we give her one whole day of continual sex letting her get off as many times as sh...

Loving Stepdaughter Ch. 04

by leatherteacher on Sep 15, 2017

I was so fucking hot. The ache in my lower abdomen and cunt sent throbbing waves of pure unadulterated sexual need out through my body in concentric circles of lust and physical need. How do you put into words the feelings of the female body in so much need of an orgasm that the need is a physical sensation bordering on pure pain and it is not directed towar...

The Fiend

by Original_Hooder on Sep 19, 2017
Erotic Horror

It was the start of John's second week in Hell. He'd skidded on some diesel in the road and driven his motorcycle into a tree. The next thing he'd known, here he was. It was not actually quite as bad as he'd expected. It wasn't continuous boiling oil, sulphurous fumes and everlasting fire - the demons and fiends worked an 8-hour day torturing souls and ever...

My Favorite Tortures

by chatbug on Jun 15, 2020

I'm Veronica, and I torture my masochistic husband. We've been married for four years. My husband was looking for a relationship where the woman would be in control, which I craved. My husband wanted a tease and denial relationship and I thought that would be fun. I enjoyed helping him pick out a stainless steel chastity cage for him to wear. It took about...

Cock Play

by ColetteJulie on Sep 5, 2018
How To

A bunch of girls and guys turned legal this year. Some of them can tell older people a thing or two about sex, some of them think they can tell older people a thing or two about sex and some of them are bungling ahead in the sexual jungle doing what they know and shying away from what they don't. More's the pity. This guide is intended for the novice (not...

Marcy's Appliances

by Sparky Kronkite on Sep 15, 2017
Toys & Masturbation

Hey all, Marcy again. You know, "The Squirter." Hah, one of the few, the proud.... the squirters! Well, I just recently experienced, "the greatest sex event of my entire life," (thus far) - and I finally found time to hack it out on this here beige beast.... the Dell from hell, the not so bored at the keyboard, hunt and pecker's, delight of delights.... my l...

Orgasm Torture

by P_V on Sep 25, 2017

Please - feel free to comment and rate this story - there are at several more installments of approximately equal length already in the can - and more if enough people enjoy them (and I get he chance to write more) This story is inspired by, and dedicated to WomanChild - a Literotica contributor, and one who is wise, thoughtful, and sensual beyond her years...

The Spanking Position

by amasterfound on Sep 17, 2017

The haiku was supplied by Hidden Butterfly. * "Softly spanking me, I cry out for more pleasure! Erotic Torture" This was the mantra that I repeated while kneeling. I was in the spanking position. I was on my knees with my legs spread as far I could get them and my head touching the ground. I stretched my arms before me. I raised my ass high in the air....

Your Word Is my Bond

by shambles on Sep 14, 2017

It had been a small gathering in Jinx's studio apartment. We had been sitting on Jinx's large four poster bed. When the ohers left, I stayed behind to say my goodbyes to Jinx, because this was the fist time I had met her. The four poster had been intriguing me. I had been looking at the carving at the foot , and I was intrigued. "Er---ropes?" I asked.. "H...