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Wife Breaker

by incharger on Sep 26, 2017

It's your 35th birthday. The kids are sleeping over at their friends' houses. Your wife, the demure, petite blonde, is waiting in your bedroom to give you your birthday gift: her. For the night, your wife who has never done anything kinkier than a blowjob is going to be your sex doll. The best part is that she probably has no idea what's coming. She thinks a...

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Women of Color

by Loeman on Sep 26, 2017

A collection of tales where various non-white (or mixed race) women are cruelly used, with a focus on raceplay as a part of the backdrop of their degradation. RACIALLY CHARGED CONCEPTS AND LANGUAGE WILL BE USED. Non-consent, incest, and more dark stuff will almost certainly be present. Enjoy. AUTHOR'S NOTES These stories, like any stories I write, are purel...

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by nymphette on Jun 4, 2018

Alice Marie Fairborn opened her narrow cerulean eyes for the first time in 9 hours, her arms stretched in an energizing motion before leaping off her velvet-draped bed in happiness. She was finally out of high school! She had turned eighteen a week before, and spent it at the local church she and her parents attended every Sunday. Unlike most of her classmat...

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Blowjob Universe

by grossman on Nov 27, 2012

Your name is David. You are a disgustingly skinny moron who has been a huge failure at life. You lost your job, you dropped out of college, and your semi attractive girlfriend broke up with you. Your head is shaved, your armpits stink and you have proven repeatedly throughout your life to have about as much common sense as a monkey. Like all men you have an...

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The Fourth Floor of a College Dorm

on Dec 21, 2016
Erotic Couplings

You throw on a red t-shirt and do up your jeans. You know tonight's a big night, lots of chances to make good with the ladies on the floor. You check yourself out in the mirror and figure that you're looking about as good as you're ever going to. You received the unique luxury among the people of your floor through a fluke of paperwork that never got correct...

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Tighter Than Virgins

by alternatereality08 on May 4, 2017

When Sarah Lences created a serum that would allow women to seal entry to their vaginas and assholes in order to prevent rape, the world erupted with cheers. Many people believed that the serum would end basically all sexual assault. Specifically, the serum allowed the woman injected with it to tighten her holes to the point where no human could reasonably f...

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by Nosmel on Oct 19, 2017

It's been several years since the epidemic broke out, effecting everyone in the world nearly simultaneously. Due to its symptom free nature, at least initially, as well as the quick incubation time and airborne transmission vectors, the whole world was infected by the time the first signs began to show in earnest. It had some official designation, H1W1 or so...

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Wow, I think I'm bi

on Sep 26, 2017

FOREWORD: This is a story based around a woman discovering she's bisexual. The story is about her coming to terms with it and talking to various people, most of whom she can also fuck. The story is open to others adding their own chapters, so feel free if you're interested. There're plenty of options located in the sidebar and I'm working on some of them mys...

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Just a Rough Morning Fuck

by Matroyshka on Feb 7, 2018

A true story of a normal morning between me and my IRL partner Sunlight is streaming through the burgundy curtains leaving lines across my caramel skin, but I'm still asleep when he rolls over and wraps his arms around my lithe body. He pulls me close into him until our bodies are flush against each other and I stir as I feel his throbbing morning wood pres...

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Changing the Rules

by street0 on Sep 26, 2017
Mind Control

Josh West was checking out his new phone. The touchscreen was sleek and easy to use, and he quickly found himself buying some apps to match his interests. He spent ten minutes playing around with an app that let him jiggle boobs in any photo just by moving his fingers. When he exited, there was an app icon that he didn't remember buying. "Rules of the W...

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