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Jane Bond in Poon Taker

by Thorre on Sep 16, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Jane Bond, secret agent 069 of her Majesty's Secret Service, arrived for her briefing with her chief, N. The dark rimmed glasses and raven black hair pulled up in a bun could barely conceal Jane's good looks, nor could the subdued gray pinstripe business suit conceal her curves and figure. "Bond," spoke N in his gravelly voice. "Your mission is a difficult...

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Daddy's Bride-To-Be

by Lea1234 on Sep 13, 2017
Transsexuals & Crossdressers

Daddy rings my doorbell. I was waiting impatiently for him, dressed is a special I promise daddy to marry his cock. I am dressed in a silky white wedding dress. Very short and tight, with shiny beads and pearls, along with a veil covering my face, and long white silky gloves. Daddy will also notice my silky white stockings...

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The Hoot

by metis_amarant on Sep 19, 2017

For at least the last two years, Master has been encouraging me to suck the cock of a stranger. i've always balked at actually attempting it. Not from any objection to the task, but from a belief that i simply couldn't do it. i had never been able to go out and pick up a guy to fuck. In college, i went through periods of being desperate to get laid, and so...

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Hay Per Ill Fool

by Kethandra on Sep 17, 2017
Text With Audio

HAY PER ILL FOOL is an April Fool's story in doggerel verse concerning a comely maid in need of hay to feed her horses, tricked by a wily carter-man, set in a galaxy much like ours but far, far away. Neither the poetry nor the message are intended to be taken seriously. You can read the story-in-verse below for yourself, or listen to it as read in a Midwest...

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Face Time

by BubbleBerry on Sep 12, 2017
Toys & Masturbation

Tappity Tappity Tappity Busy day at work. I wish I could say I dealt with the exchange of gold or commodities or that I was working on some investigative story. Nope. I am a data entry clerk. I am correcting orders and verifying information. Chained to my phone while co-workers talk sports, drama-recaps, and office gossip. I want to talk about the Kentucky...

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by newpiegirl on Sep 12, 2017

I awaken just as you come into the room with my breakfast tray. I see you are wearing your special uniform of fuck me heels, short, short skirt, a see-through top tied just under your breasts and your "CUNT" collar. You look like the horny slut you are and more. I get out of bed, walk to the bathroom with you trailing behind me. You take off your clothes a...

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Lara's Lesson Ch. 02

by no_nonsense_mam on Sep 17, 2017

This is a continuation of my previous entry, involving Debi and her new found slave, Lara. Debi told her slave to go over to one of the bar stools that was standing on the other side of the room. Then Debi picked up one of her stiletto shoes and walked over to wear her little slut was. She told Lara to spread her legs and to get on top of the stool and to s...

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Staffing the Mailroom

by justincbenedict on Sep 17, 2017

"Polly, we have a candidate for the mailroom, darling." Pierson Albemarle Upshur IV was distressed. Certainly he went by "Polly" at home when Brie had him in his garter belt and stockings, but at work he was supposed to be a name partner and be called "Piers" if not "Mister Upshur" It was distressing enough that Piers was leaving the firm that his father "...

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Her First Time

by PassionForAll on Sep 15, 2017

"I didn't think you would come. I didn't think that you actually being here was a real possibility." I place a hand on his calf: solid, warm, real. "I have my ways." "I thought you said you had to work." "What do you think is more important to me: you or work?" "Me, I guess." "That's right, baby doll, you are." He slides closer, bridging the Queen...

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Clothed Female Naked Male

by MsTrina on Sep 17, 2017

Author's note: Difficult to categorise this little tale. It's about CFNM, which can be considered as normal erotica, a fetish, or a sub-group of female domination. I have listed it under BDSM, as most commonly it is enjoyed as a particular niche of that genre. It should probably go under 'adult theme' or 'essays and discussions', but then you wouldn't now be...

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