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Love in Chains Ch. 01

by BeastUnchained22 on Sep 13, 2017
Erotic Couplings

I remember the day he entered the plantation. He was a tall, dark-skinned man with a muscular physique. As he entered the gate chained with the other slaves, he looked at me. I observed his thick, athletic legs as they almost seemed to burst from the overalls he wore. His hair a deep black, it was long and knotted with curls, but complemented his Bistre brow...

The Plantation Changes Hands

by alan55 on Sep 14, 2017

(This story is dedicated to a beautiful woman I know, who I have yet to see. She has been my inspiration and, provided me with this story idea, and insights into Jasmine's feelings and thoughts. I would love to have your comments and have you email me and tell me what you think of the story, or even chat with me about ideas for other stories or anything else...

Black Slaves on the Plantation

by Samuelx on Sep 17, 2017

Hello, there. My name is Rhonda Winston. A six-foot-three, blonde-haired and blue-eyed Irishwoman living in New Orleans, Louisiana. I'm a police officer working for the New Orleans Police Department. The other day, I was on this bus and there were these passengers who were so damn unruly. A group of young black women were sitting next to me in the back of th...

Trading the Southern Belle

by missdreamer on Sep 16, 2017

My step father's fear of my 21th birthday had grown more intense during the last year. My grandfather had made sure that only a true blood relative could inherit his plantation. Now I was only two and a half months away from that birthday. I and my grandfather's friend and banker believed he would do anything to either keep control of or 'steal' my plantatio...

Plantation Stud

by Randy4Sure on Sep 25, 2017
Interracial Love

fPompey lay in the back of the wagon and tried to take a nap which was difficult on the bumpy hard packed but rutted dirt road. It was spring and the smell of the fresh flowers and the manure laded fields brought the primal instincts of rebirth and reproduction to all of life. Unlike the many thousands of unfortunates who had perished during the trip Pompey...

Shadow Hall Ch. 01

by hugs_and_kisses on Sep 16, 2017

Remington Alexander LaBaux (Remi) was an only child. He was born and raised on an old family plantation in northern Louisiana, which grew sugar cane, as did most of the plantations in that region. The plantation had been in his family since before the Civil War and was handed down to the oldest male of each generation since it was founded. His mother had pa...

Black Cock Era 02

by PurpleMonkeyDishwash on Sep 12, 2017
Interracial Love

Black Cock Era is a tongue-in-cheek interracial epic story about a potential but unlikely future in which white women are enslaved by the superior black males. The story is far fetched, but it's a fictional fantasy, and it's meant to be a grounds to explore a fun and silly situation, not to predict how real people would behave or how you the reader would beh...

The Hartwell Plantation

by AtlasShrugged on Sep 16, 2017

(MF, md, nc, bd, viol, ScFi, humil) The Hartwell Plantation is a series set in a post-apocalyptic United States, where the vast majority of the population of controlled by a small nobility. The story is centered on a single plantation and includes scenes of violent sexual abuse and rape. This is fiction, and should be enjoyed as such. Anyone insane enough t...

Everclear Plantation Ch. 1

by Tubatickler on Sep 16, 2017

Chapter 1: Everclear Plantation, 1832 Terri and I first became acquainted when she moved to Louisiana in 1832 during the boom times. I had just completed renovating my small plantation home forty miles north of New Orleans, set back a little from the Mississippi. Her husband worked for me and managed the plantation commerce. We grew sugar cane and shipped...

Interracial Pegging Trois

by Samuelx on Sep 11, 2017
Interracial Love

Mistress Regina Saint-Pierre woke up with a smile on her face. Her father James and her brothers Lucien Saint-Pierre and Eric Saint-Pierre were so proud of her. Yesterday she assisted in the breaking in of the toughest member of the new batch of exotic-looking Black slaves which they purchased for the family's brand new Plantation in the City of New Orleans,...