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Infinite Scroll

The Hopper Games

by Mr-Pseudonym on Jun 17, 2018

Chapter One: Stolen Identities You banged your fist one last time against the corrugated sheet of iron metal before you. Much like the result of all your previous attempts, the wretched surface refuses to yield to your touch, the cold steel leaving a numbing sensation down the edge of your pinky finger where it had made contact. Exasperated, you collapse to...

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Lust is a Purple Haze

by Scheherazade on Sep 17, 2017

She stares at the purple lantana, its delicate flora spread amongst railroad ties and dormant rose bushes. In the middle of winter, tiny amethyst flowers blanket the barren landscape everywhere, and she is drawn to the serene hue. She breathes in the fresh cold air, allowing her eyes time to capture the full beauty of the moment and transport sensory percept...

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Possession, Obsession

by nymphe delphique on Sep 17, 2017

She stares at the lush purple lantana, its delicate flora spread amongst railroad ties and random quiescent rose bushes. In the middle of winter, tiny amethyst flowers blanket the barren landscape, shadowing gray dormant trees reaching for the indigo darkness. She is drawn to the serene hue, breathing in cold fresh air, her eyes drinking in the full beauty...

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by d4rk4ngel on Sep 16, 2017

Crackling, sizzling, booming, pouring through the air, there was little doubt that there was something going on, something neither one could have predicted or accounted for, let alone understood. And they stood there like dragons, breathing and snarling as though it was the others' fault. They both knew better, but that changed little. Breathing fire, they c...

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Naruto: Body Possession Jutsu Chronicles

by LoneDynasty on Jun 24, 2019
Fan Fiction

Ino was cleaning out the bookroom of her house when she came to find an old book about her Clan's Secret Jutsu. "Hey what's this? said Ino as she picked up the book and opened it. She turn to the page where it said " Body Possession Jutsu". Oh I remember hearing about this jutsu! I is apart of an old folk tale in our clan that was lost due to...

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by Cunter on Jun 13, 2015

You are dead, sorry, but that's the way it is. You float above your deathbed watching your loved ones grieve for you. You wonder why you haven't moved on yet, but aren't overly concerned, afterall, you weren't even sure there was an afterlife and it's a pleasant surprise to you that you exist at all. You get the feeling that you could temporarily take over t...

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Godly possession

by Nanites on Apr 18, 2016

Character description:You are Dan a 19 year old boy with brown hair,blue eyes, and the most average body in the world and you also have the most boring life in the world. You go to sleep in your medium-sized red bed. In your dream you see the most beautiful woman in the world " Hello mortal I am Aphrodite and I am hear to change your life by giving you...

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The Women in my Life

by Stocking1331 on Sep 12, 2019

One or more of the main character’s female family members and close friends are going to get possessed or body swapped. The one who gets their body is going to be a bit of a pervert, and obviously heavily involves the main character in the use of said body. I am personally only marginally good at setting up threads. Please don’t expect me to get into the “ni...

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by Calpurnius Erex on Sep 12, 2017

The bookstore is always crowded early Saturday afternoon, and it's especially crowded with women. You can think what you want about me, but this is primary reason I go there. I go there to look at women, to be in the company of women. Then for the tea. Then for the books. It's what keeps me social when I am not here behind this screen, behind these keys, wri...

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Acquiring Possession Powers for Fun

by LoneDynasty on Feb 9, 2019
Mind Control

You are Aaron Bradly. You were walking down road, late at night, with your iPhone in hand, messaging and texting your buddies. In high school you are a bit of a nerd. Was always a guy who dreamed of being in the spot light. You dreamed of being the head football star and captain, be voted prom king and voted most handsome. Unfortunately you are non of those...

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