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Infinite Scroll


by d4rk4ngel on Sep 16, 2017

Crackling, sizzling, booming, pouring through the air, there was little doubt that there was something going on, something neither one could have predicted or accounted for, let alone understood. And they stood there like dragons, breathing and snarling as though it was the others' fault. They both knew better, but that changed little. Breathing fire, they c...

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Possession, Obsession

by nymphe delphique on Sep 17, 2017

She stares at the lush purple lantana, its delicate flora spread amongst railroad ties and random quiescent rose bushes. In the middle of winter, tiny amethyst flowers blanket the barren landscape, shadowing gray dormant trees reaching for the indigo darkness. She is drawn to the serene hue, breathing in cold fresh air, her eyes drinking in the full beauty...

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by Calpurnius Erex on Sep 12, 2017

The bookstore is always crowded early Saturday afternoon, and it's especially crowded with women. You can think what you want about me, but this is primary reason I go there. I go there to look at women, to be in the company of women. Then for the tea. Then for the books. It's what keeps me social when I am not here behind this screen, behind these keys, wri...

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Taking Carrie's Soul

by wallywood on Sep 16, 2017

Taking possession of ones soul In my culture, we have a belief that we can take possession of someone's soul and have been for generations. The stories have been legendary and passed down from father to son for as long as anyone can remember. They claimed that if you could manage to get a happily married woman that has given her heart to her husband, still...

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Diary of "a" Ch. 01

by ButterflyExpressions on Sep 17, 2017

She stood naked in front of him, eyes down, hands at her sides as he had taught her. Other than his collar around her neck, she had no jewelry or adornments on, he didn't allow that unless it pleased him to place something on her body. He sat down on the oversize leather sofa in a slightly cool, candlelit living room that was intimate and private. He spoke...

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Dark Impulse Ch. 14

by Aurora Black on Sep 11, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Knight Residence April 1, 2001 The early morning sun gradually filled Gabriel's room with its light. He slept on, completely absorbed by the dream that was taking shape behind his closed lids. * * * The soft summer breeze gently stirred Gabriel's hair, waking him up. He opened his eyes and winced as the blinding light of the sun shone directly into them....

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The Serpent Warlock Ch. 01

by SerpentWarlock on Sep 2, 2017
Erotic Horror

This story is categorized under Erotic Horror for content including the occult and witchcraft. This part of the story would otherwise fall under Nonconsent/Reluctance. This is the first part of an original story. ***** "This house is abandoned, I've used the cellar for previous ceremonies," I whispered as I pushed the deteriorating front door open. "Hmmm...

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Most Prized Of Possessions

by TheChamp2 on Sep 17, 2017
Loving Wives

You can own a great many things. Possessions are always beautiful, they are always taken out of jealousy. A Mercedes is comfortable, it’s power is unquestionable; the way that the leather feels on skin, the way the seats embrace the occupants, the radio sings as beautifully as a siren; but the car isn’t owned for it’s creature comforts. Its owned out of jeal...

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Dreams of a Surreal Mind Ch. 01


Deep in the depths of night, I can feel you watching me. Standing in silence, waiting for me to sate your need I can feel your pull; a beast clawing against restraint, an animal that will lift its head and take me as prey. I find my footing once again in that darkened hallway. The only light piercing the dark is a flickering glow from a single candle. I am d...

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Cul-De-Sac: A Story in Around Ch. 08

by ZotDragon on Sep 16, 2017
Novels and Novellas

"Who knows?" Eric asked her. "Just you and me," she said into the phone. There was no way she could have done this in person, over the phone was much easier. "You haven't told Bill yet?" "No, not yet. Soon." "Soon enough he'll notice," Eric commented. Yvoine let out a short, sharp yelp of laughter. "Bill doesn't notice anything," she commented angrily....

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