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by MischiefMystic on May 8, 2016

JD and his wife Jessica had their daughter, Laci, when they were just in high school. Needless to say, becoming teen parents put a strain on their relationship early on. The bickering and discontent festered over the years until JD realized that he had spent the vast majority of his free time away from home. He worked long hours and went to the bar most nigh...

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A First Night of Incest

by P0RN4U2READ on Sep 15, 2017

This is a story of when Hank begun to have sexual incest with his daughter Tracy. It's written in first person as Hank, a family father on his way to enter the dirty taboo path of incest. Every character sexually involved is above eighteen years of age. Go ahead and enjoy the story as much as loved to print it down. ***** "Don't ya wish your girlfriend...

Review of klrxo's Boobs and Boners

by Oedipus_Sex on Sep 15, 2017

Dear Son, HOT MILF-with-Katy-Perry-looks Linda is in the prime of her sexual maturity. She's a 39-year old brunette's whose female charms and womanly curves are at their peak, and her ripe womb still makes the fertile mommy eggs that yearn to swim in warm, potent baby-batter! The thought of having another baby constantly makes her sweet, mature snatch leak...

Happy Birthday Ch. 08

by AdmiralSquish on May 14, 2018

[pre-story]Content Warnings: Unrealistic anatomy, huge cock, huge breasts, incest. Disclaimer: All characters are 18+[/pre-story] *** Happy Birthday: Chapter 8 "Wait, fuck, Dani?" John called out, hoping to hear her answer from another room, even as he felt a pair of extremely slender, delicate hands tentatively grasp the girth of his rapidly-hardening...

Masturbating My Son Ch. 02

by woodsonn2004 on Sep 15, 2017

Thank you for all the encouraging feedback, especially from those of you who shared your personal experiences with me. I welcome your feedback on Part 2 and would like to hear from those who have had personal experiences involving a family member. Look for Part 3 in about a month. Thanks to my editors for their help. Chapter 2 I woke up bright and early Su...

Now Serving Ch. 07

by IdeeFixee on Sep 15, 2017

This work of fiction features incest combined with hard BDSM, so please stop reading right here if you don't like the juxtaposition. There's plenty of both. To phrase it differently, this story contains harsh BDSM with incest and incest with harsh BDSM, so please don't read and submit an irate comment(s) if you object to the mix of these two genres. Otherw...

Teasing My Daddy Ch. 5

by tale spinner on Sep 15, 2017

Warning: This story contains depictions of adult sexual situations, including mind control, and lots of sex. If it is illegal for you to view this subject in your area do not view this file. If you find these situations unpleasant or offensive then you obviously won't enjoy reading this story, so don't read it. The author takes no responsibility for any ille...

Bad Mother Ch. 01

by IdeeFixee on Sep 15, 2017

Beware: Contains incest and BDSM. ***** The high school graduation ceremony had been going for 45 minutes when Matthew, standing onstage with his classmates, finally spotted his mother's arrival. Dressed in a tight spring suit of mint green, the MILF looked hot - as always. Matt was furious, hurt—but not surprised. Janice's lateness was typical. It was a s...

Mother Fucker

by BarbieLez on Sep 15, 2017

Lesbian. Virgin. Nymphomaniac. Seemingly eclectic, all those words could be used to describe Barbie Lez. But the word most often used to designate this tight-bodied eighteen-year-old was hot. And sometimes even fucking hot! But Barbie did not care about her appearance. At least, she had not for the past few days. Her father had recently suffered a heart att...

Fresh Meat Ch. 03

by TLMorgan on Jun 5, 2019

Jackson walked into his bedroom fresh out of a nice shower and was caught off guard by the enormous tan heavy-duty 34HH brassiere that was lying across his bed. He knew only one person who had boobs large enough to fill out the huge ugly garment and still had problems with spillage. He threw on an open shirt that revealed his bare chisel chest and ripped abs...