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Mrs. Swanson's Boarding House Ch. 06

by 0ra11yfix8ed on Sep 25, 2017

It has been quite some time since chapter 5 was submitted so if you are not already familiar with the story line it might be advisable to start with Chapter 1. Fems up, ladies! * It was getting late in the afternoon and Mrs.Swanson was at her best as she combined two of her favorite activities; masturbating young men and displaying her considerable power...

Cowper's Gland (The Ultimate Lube)

by jasliz on Sep 15, 2017

My wife is very kinky; I'll say that right now. She likes dominating me and teasing my body until I scream for release. She says it's for research... her own. Since she calls it research she institutes 'controls', basically the controls are me tied up so I can't touch her or myself. She made me set up a table in the basement with padded straps for my wrists...

When Sara Met Bob Ch. 02

by yellowfrog on Sep 14, 2017

PART II: Bob learns to sip Sara's pee and Sara explores his prostate. * Our first night together was one of unblemished bliss. Spooning Bob all night, I felt his breathing and his heartbeat. With the first rays of morning I knew we both had to rise and shine for the day ahead of us. Neither wanted to get up, especially not me. On the other hand, my bladder...

Crossdresser's First Anal Orgasm

by ksha on Sep 16, 2017

A young man still experimenting with his body, found a new fetish he enjoyed quite a lot. He found the joys of anal masturbation. He had heard rumours of an orgasm so wonderful it would leave you shaking afterwards. He was in search of his very first prostate orgasm. This is the story of the first time this young man would discover the joys of prostate pleas...

Nocturnal Anal Stimulation. A Study

by suppleWriter on Sep 17, 2017

Note: this is a story, fiction. None of the facts are correct, and all the names are false, invented. So enjoy! (Re-posted with the above clarification, and links deleted). Nocturnal Anal Stimulation in Orgasm-Denial Relationships - A Study NOCTURNAL ANAL STIMULATION IN ORGASM-DENIAL RELATIONSHIPS. A STUDY BY: Willsoin,D.E., Arangji,T.F - UCNYCE - Dept...

Mother Mistress Ch. 07

by JamesLacy on Sep 12, 2017

This story is the property of the author. It is not to be changed in any way, nor published or shown at other web sites without the permission of the author. Feedback and comments to; James Lacy at the address in his profile. All comments appreciated. Earlier, Mother Mistress had called Cindy to tell her that she and Jane decided to spend another two week...

Blue Balls

by Renaissanceangel on May 12, 2020

My husband's blue balls are progressing nicely. I haven't permitted him to ejaculate for 41 days now, since we switched roles, making me the dominant and him the slave. His testicles are distended with their load, hanging heavy and hard in my hand. I give them another hard squeeze for a few seconds, eliciting a moan from the man to whom they are attached....

Mrs. Swanson's Boarding House Ch. 07

by 0ra11yfix8ed on Sep 25, 2017

Mrs. Swanson watches as her housekeeper instructs two candidates for the position of assistant housekeeper after the three young men and the three young ladies participated in the ceremonial first milking of Mrs. Morton's son Carl. "What do you think?" Mrs. Swanson asked her long time friend Sara Lee Morton. The two ladies were sitting in the parlor watch...

Enlarging Hubby Ch. 04

by Buffwriter on Sep 25, 2017

So Much Semen *** Eric *** "Year?" I asked hesitatingly. "Oh, yes, enlarging Pat and Brian didn't happen overnight. That first quarter inch on Brian was easy, the rate of growth slowed down after that. I think we mostly stretched the ligaments in his penis out over those first weeks, letting more of his internal penis hang on the outside. His actual growt...

Julia Milks Her Colleague

by JohntheRapturist on Sep 12, 2017

Tommy watched with aching adoration as the taut, luscious globes of Julia's ass swayed by in her skin-tight yoga pants. The pants were nearly translucent. The two were classmates in nursing school, and members of the same commercial gym nearby. Tommy would occasionally glance self-consciously through the glass doors where Julia participated in yoga sessions....