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Quad Fucktoy

by xo2222 on May 12, 2020

My back is to his chest as I sit on his lap. It's a weird feeling and I'm not talking about being impaled on his dick. That's also new but nothing I didn't anticipate: Some pain from having a ten-inch erection forced up my asshole, excitement and arousal at trying something new, and forbidden, largely underestimated pleasure from massive penetration so close...

Examinations Pt. 02

by owengreybeard on Sep 15, 2017

Shelly's lips were firm and lush, and the breath from her nostrils smelled vaguely of ketchup and French fries. I thought it was the most remarkable breath I had ever smelled. Her hand went to the back of my neck and tightened slightly on the loose hair at my nape. Shelly's tongue darted against my lower lip for a moment, and my own darted out to chase hers,...

La Torse de Venus

by whosewhose on Oct 22, 2019

(Michael's sexual encounters with La Torse de Vénus, a rich QUAD Amputee lady...) La Torse de Vénus 1 Michael was disturbed at his breakfast by the sound of his doorbell. Rising from the table he crossed the room and opened the door to his flat. A liveried courier stood in the corridor holding a plain white envelope which he handed to Michael saying "I am...

Coming Home

by rrspence2002 on Sep 3, 2017

So now the day for Fern's release had arrived. The time had come for her to enter the world as a new bride and a one legged one at that. For her release from hospital, Fern had asked her oldest friend Christine to bring a special outfit to wear. It was a deep plum coloured full length skirt that was complemented with a black, sleeveless vee-neck blouse, ju...

Fay Ch. 03

by rmlooker on Sep 15, 2017

Reading the previous chapters of this story will get you up to date with the story line and people. Strong sexual content. The days past quickly and Fay was busier than ever. There seemed to be no shortage of war injuries involving amputated arms, and legs, on both males and females. Fay's specialty at the VA hospital was teaching arm amputees how to use th...

The Stars Are Ours Tonight

by owengreybeard on Aug 22, 2017

"Reception to Tom, over." The radio on his belt squawked softly, and his friend Gina's voice beckoned to him from his reverie. "This is Tom. Go ahead, Gina, over." "Tom, I have a guest request for an unusual repair, over." "What do I need to bring up, Gina? Over." "I don't really know, Tom. Can you come to the front, please? Over." That was unusual fo...

On The Attraction To Amputees

by PaulX35 on Sep 16, 2017
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To many it sounds weird enough to wonder if I tick right. But I’m not crazy, nor incurably deviant. Yet, every time I see a woman with one leg, I’m captured by a gush of strange excitement. The motion of a body with a leg missing is quite simply a mesmerizing sight for me. So much, that I even find it attractive to see a man with one leg, even when I conside...

All in the Family Ch. 09

by PeggyBuxton on Sep 15, 2017

Roxanne leaned against the wall at the mall, crutches stacked next to her. The short tight dress hid little about her body other than how long the remains of her left thigh might be. She brushed a few errant hairs from her forehead after failing to blow them back in place. Her tongue dragged slowly across the pale red lipstick. One of her favorite sports was...

Home Again

by PeggyBuxton on Mar 6, 2018

The senior year at the university was over at last. Tom had already broken up with Carrie. She was his mother's age and married. It wouldn't have lasted no matter how good the sex was. There had been two others before her, both similar ages, both married. He was handsome and could have had his pick of beautiful coeds. They never seemed to offer the same exci...


by PeggyBuxton on Nov 27, 2017

I sat alone at the bar with my hand wrapped around a glass of whiskey covered in condensation. It had been a long day with no one to come home to. Della had run off with another man and I was in no mood too find someone else, not yet. "Dan, ole buddy," Jackson said, slapping me on the back, and taking the stool next to mine. "Hey, what's up?" "Not my dick...