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Bad Sportsmanship

by HushHush219 on Mar 14, 2018

The crowd roared with anticipation as the clock ticked down, drowning out my voice, and the voices of the other cheerleaders next to me on the track around the football field. We cartwheeled, danced, and waved our pom poms in perfect unison, knowing our team was going to win no matter who scored the final touchdown. The score was already 50-35. The Eagles wo...

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Super Bowl Ring

by Don Grampa on Sep 13, 2017

Sitting in the far corner of the dimly lit bar, Jack was slightly overwhelmed by the ear-splitting noise emitted by a so-called Country Western band and found it difficult to concentrate on the details of his plan for later that evening. However, the main distraction wasn't the off-key tones of the rancid music, but the shapely ass of the blonde being maneuv...

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Amanda & The Recruit

by mrpimpnfly on Sep 14, 2017
Erotic Couplings

Amanda sat anxiously on the hotel room bed, awaiting her lover for the evening. Clad in nothing but her matching bra and panties (in a color dubbed magenta by Victoria's Secret) she was a vision to behold-her body was toned to feminine perfection, a fact that belied the fact that she had become a single mother at 19. At five-foot-seven and 115-pounds her per...

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The BBWbeauty Loves Sports! Pt. 02

by lordraiden on Feb 12, 2019
Group Sex

Hey, guys! It's the BBWbeauty again, with another hot tale of my sexcapades. After my celebratory party with Howard's offense, I made a promise to them that if they won the Celebration Bowl again the following season, I would do the defense. Well, guess what? They did it! They won the Celebration Bowl a second year in a row! That's two Black National Champio...

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Sara's Sweet Quarterback

by BobDogwood on Sep 12, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

I don't know how it is where you live, but in Florida football is right next to God, country and family and I'm not sure what order it goes in. Besides currently having three successful professional franchises in the Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Bucs, and the Jacksonville team, there are also three highly successful, major college football programs in The Unive...

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Cum Addict Pt. 01 Ch. 04

by novella_champ on Jul 10, 2018
Novels and Novellas

This is module one, chapter four. This is going to be a novella of sorts. The intent is to have 4 modules total covering different times in our main characters life. While it is feasible to read any of these independently, this is a carryover story, so reading them in order is beneficial. Module one, our main character, Katherine "Kat", is a senior in high...

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The BBWbeauty Loves Sports! Pt. 01

by lordraiden on Nov 26, 2018
Group Sex

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are beginning our descent into Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Please put your seatbelts on and return your tray to their upright positions. Thank you for flying with Delta Airlines." I got excited. I was flying into Atlanta to watch the Celebration Bowl between the Southwestern Athletic Conference champion Grambli...

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Hosting the New Quarterback Pt. 01

by kirsESS on May 7, 2019

All characters represented in the following story are over 18. The bully, son and sister characters are all in college at the time. *** My mom and sister have been fawning over the student athlete, Clyde, who has been staying with us while he tours the local colleges. Everyone in our little community has been going out of their way to ingratiate themselves...

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The Quarterback's Wife

by Bakeboss on Sep 13, 2017
Loving Wives

Prologue: She wanted her story told and yet she wanted to keep her identity secret. She understood that there are a limited number of wives of winning Superbowl quarterbacks and that her tale would lead to a lot of speculation about her identity. For some reason this did not bother her as much as people knowing who she actually was and so I agreed to print...

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The Cloyless Cock

by allison_george on Sep 14, 2017
Humor & Satire

"Hey blondie, looks like you've had a real busy night. Want to sit down for some breakfast." "Sure Jenn, just let me go to the bathroom, my bladder's about to burst." "It looks like that's not the only thing that's ready to burst. Your blouse looks like it suffered some serious damage in the battle last night." "I'll tell you all about it in a minute. Jus...

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