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From Innocent to Urinal

by toriroxyah on Dec 3, 2019

Mike had just arrived in town for a business trip and finally settled into his hotel room for the night at 7 pm. Mike turned on the hockey game and sat on the couch in his suite and cracked an ice cold beer from the twelve pack beside him. Right at that moment there was a knock at the door which Mike found odd as he was not expecting any guests and no one kn...

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Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 03

by Samuelx on Sep 12, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Serena Williams reign as the Queen of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood is off to an awesome start. Recruitment of new members is at an all-time high. Cash is flowing into the coffers of the Down Low Sisterhood left and right. And so the Queen decides to throw herself a little vacation. The Sisterhood sent the Queen, her gorgeous Entourage and the top not...

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Nyx Anansi - Slut, Spy, Assassin Ep. 01

by nyxsexstories on Oct 12, 2020
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Nyx Anansi: Slut, Spy, Assassin: The Queen's Command Nyx Anansi yawned and rolled out of bed, blinking the sleep out of her eyes. She threw on her uniform which consisted of a revealing black halter top, and tight, olive green shorts, which she camel-toed the hell out of. Not that that was a problem. After all, Nyx served as a one man/woman brothel for the...

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Tales of Asarna Pt. 02

by drelord2102 on Sep 15, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

During the Queen's address ceremony, the "Kingdom of Asarna" was officially renamed "Queendom of Asarna". The renaming was meaningful as it once again reaffirmed Queen Ezana's undisputed supremacy as the matriarchal ruler of Asarna. The Queen's address was followed by a long celebratory feast. All the ministers and high officials of Asarna attended. Of cou...

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The Inquisitor Ch. 14

by theTCat on Sep 15, 2017
Novels and Novellas

The left her chambers and made their way through the castle toward the Queen's tower. The princess became aware of a strange sensation filling her. She felt filled with warmth. Though her stomach should have sloshed from all of the milk she had drunk, she felt strangely light and safe. They hurried and soon found themselves in the courtyard. Normally desert...

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The Party

by LittleRooster on Sep 17, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

"Now Michael, I'm inviting over some very important friends tonight and I want you to have dinner prepared by 7, you are to be wearing your apron and your apron only. Oh, silly me, also this" My Queen Mariana, waves my cock cage and kneels down to lock me in it, I love being locked up by my Queen, she sees me pulsate as she does this and smiles up at me....

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A Battle of Minds Ch. 05

by Munachi on Sep 12, 2017
Mind Control

This is the fifth chapter of a six part story. I recommend reading all chapters, but if you want to read only this one, here is what happened so far: For three years, Laura has suffered due to a mysterious pendant that suddenly appeared in the small town of Leskow. First her class mate Martin controlled her with the help of the pendant, and then her former...

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Snot Brite and the Seven Pervs Ch. 01

by bb1212 on Sep 14, 2017
Humor & Satire

Authors note. Although this story is in the humour and satire category I have also tried to keep it sexy, and have attempted to at least touch on most genres over the full series. That means if you don't like gay, lesbian, anal, transgender or any of the other categories within Literotica then there may be bits you want to skip over. Please give it a go and...

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Tim and his Queen Pt. 01

by Queens_boy on May 12, 2020

Day 1 (Meeting her for the first time) Tim exited the plane, excited he was finally going to meet Sass, his Queen. Walking through the terminal he didn't know what the next week had in store for him. He chuckled thinking back to just a few hours ago, The TSA agent going through his bag finding all his plugs and toys, ordered by his Queen to bring them, she...

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by Iwroteathing on Dec 25, 2018

Chapter 1: The Deal From a young age the little princess Melissa was raised to serve her future husband and king, her choices and desires all forced upon her to better suit what the king desired in a future queen. But when the king died two years into their marriage, and no heirs could be found, Queen Melissa found herself in charge of a country and for the...

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