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The Dragon King

by The Archmaester on Sep 12, 2018
Fan Fiction

In an alternate universe, Robert's Rebellion has failed and after winning the epic duel at the Trident, Crown Prince Rhaegar Targaryen spared Lord Robert Baratheon's life. Alongside his new brother-in-law, Lord Eddard Stark, Rhaegar led both the Rebels and the Loyalist armies to the capital to depose his father only to find the Mad King stabbed in the back b...

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Ancient Royal Incest

by vic_elor on Jun 30, 2007

It is an age pasted, long before all the technical and advanced trappings of the modern world. Men fight with horses rather then tanks and swords rather then machine guns. A thousand miles is the edge of your world and beyond it lies the unknown. You are the crowned prince of your small but powerful country. As the only son of the late king you stand to inhe...

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Afrocentric Incest

by Great_Pharaoh on Sep 15, 2017

Author's Note: "I know black incest exists between black people, because it happened to me. That's way I decided to give this short story of a night between me and my mother. I wrote it in 3rd POV as I saw remembered it in my head. Enjoy!" ***** Kwame stood in his room, looking through his telescope at his neighbor—his lover, Maya as she stood teasingly on...

The Captive Prince

by PrinceCai on Apr 3, 2020

Marcus was reading in bed when his kingdom fell. It was over an hour past his bedtime, but the young prince wanted to stay up and finish his book by candelight. It was way too exciting a story to put down, all about a brave and noble lady knight who saved a peasant boy from the clutches of an evil sorceress. He had his heart in his mouth at the thrilling act...

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Mommy Is My Queen

by MILFWanker on Sep 26, 2017

I was sitting in my room playing Fifa when I heard the door slam. I sighed and paused the game, listening as she climbed up the stairs. My door tore open with a bang, and my mother entered, wearing hotpants and a bikini top. "Dean," she said, looking at me with disgust, "I've just had an awful night. I made fuck all at the club, abd then I hav...

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Your Mother, The Queen

by MommyCumslut on Sep 26, 2017

You were first conceived when your mother was only sixteen years of age. As with most royal brides, your mother's courting was not entirely consensual. In fact, she was once a peasant girl, until the king found lust in his eyes and simply bought her for a large sum of gold from her family. Over the past twenty years, she has grown into a voluptuous, surprisi...

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by olly on Oct 3, 2017
Mind Control

In the first year of your relationship with Emma you were totally happy, but as time went on you found yourself increasingly sexually frustrated. The almost total lack of sex had been taking its toll on you and the relationship. You knew that if things didn’t change your relationship wouldn’t last. Using this logic, buying the Slave4U aphrodisiac off the int...

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The Royal Family

by Gary25 on Mar 6, 2021

The nobles of the kingdom gathered hastily, as news of the Queens labor spread through the capital city. This was Queen Daphne’s first child and all of nobility had to be present to witness the birthing of the heir to the throne. Dressed in their finest silks and jewels the Nobility of Esturania flooded the throne room, a murmur of excitement and arousal in...

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Rod Adventures Ch. 04

by Brutal_One on Jul 14, 2020

Monday 12th October 1998, Portsmouth Museum I feel very nervous suddenly as a man approaches me. He is wearing a check sports jacket, a black shirt and blue denim jeans. I breathe a sigh of relief as he welcomes me. I stand awkwardly clutching my folders and notebook to my chest. "Hi Michelle. Thanks for arriving so promptly. We can make a start down here....

Caverns & Taverns

by Darth_Halford on Nov 13, 2019

I never thought that I would have been able to reach 1,000 likes, and that this story would be in the top 100 Fantasy stories, and it wouldn't have happened without you guys continuing to come back, reading what I dare put out to the world, and let me know that you like it. Thanks to all of you, and I can only hope you'll all still be here if/when I reach 2,...

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