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A Humbling of the Testicles

by fablesofanhedoia on Sep 12, 2017

The male was sentenced to fifty lashes upon his bare balls for insubordination to a female. Anhedonia made him stand facing the wall, his palms fixed to its cool surface by tight wrist-locks, his legs forced apart on the ground by a long metal bar which travelled between his two ankles and prevented him from shutting his legs. There he was: nude, displayed,...

The Booted Barberess

by trasaro on Sep 16, 2017

I was visiting the little Dorset town of Bodling and, with a spare hour to fill, decided on the spur of the moment to visit the town's barber's shop to get my hair cut, if the queue was not to too long. The premises were on the first floor above a chemist, so it was not possible to see in through the window. I went up the stairs to see what was possible an...

Rizzoli & Isles: Pierced Ch. 06

by opklompen on Sep 14, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

A surprised Maura said "Oh my God, she squirts!" just after Jane's hand had left Nina's vagina, followed by a big stream of her juices. It splashed all over Jane's face and torso, Maura didn't waste any time and moved in to like it from her lover's body. Meanwhile Nina lay back on the bed, recovering from the intense orgasm she just had. Maura and Jane move...

The Interview

by jpkansas on Sep 13, 2017
Erotic Couplings

I was in my junior year in college, majoring in museum studies. Everyone in my class—and undoubtedly every museum studies major in the city—was applying for internships that summer. The New York City—and especially Manhattan—is filled with world-renowned museums, from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the Museum of Natural History to the Guggenheim to the Wh...

Diane in the Morning

by Greenbriar on Apr 8, 2019
Erotic Couplings

Hey there, everyone! This is my first submission, and although I expect it to be a little rough around the edges, I did my best to make things nice and smooth for you. It's got a little bit of everything- some world-building, some casual sex, and a giant ego for the story to wrap around! ***** It's 1992. It's been 1992 for the past 30 years. Clinton's ju...


by Goldeniangel on Sep 16, 2017

"God, I can't believe he's marrying." "She's not normally this bad." "Yeah, but right now she's being completely bat-shit crazy... I don't care how good an ass she has, no ass is worth that!" The mutters of his friends followed him out the door of the restaurant and into the hotel hallway as Nathan stumbled after his soon-to-be wife Brooke. His face was b...

A Lustful Liaison Ch. 06

by JSKNIGHT on Sep 26, 2017
Group Sex

It was a warm early spring day, and I was sitting in a Burger King in the centre of town, munching on a box of French fries. Anyone who knows me, will know that fast food outlets are not my natural environment. But when I am there at the request of the two nineteen year olds and one eighteen year old, who were my muses, I can make an exception. My friends w...

Mandy's Sorority Initiation Ch. 04

by AlexisMontage on Sep 13, 2017

Looking around, it appeared to Mandy that they were in some sort of van; its speed slowed significantly and shook considerably. The van had pulled off of pavement and was rumbling over a rock drive way. It jerked to a stop and Mandy heard a door slam. The van slowly pulled ahead and stopped again; the driver turned it off. The inside of the van was flooded...

A Day Of Discipline & Degradation

by English Bob on Aug 18, 2017

The day was upon me. It had arrived with a certain inevitability. That's the thing about days: they just keep on coming. Monday will turn into Tuesday as conclusively as July will turn into August and Spring will become summer. Time and space stop for no man. And now the day was here. Saturday. The day of my chastisement, my discipline, my punishment. Since...

Boob Job

by Louetta on Oct 16, 2018
Humor & Satire

In the winter of 2013 my best friend decided to get her nipples pierced. She asked me go with her. So we set out for the piercing parlor, the name of which I forget, but we drove up Route 28 past the mall just over the Massachusetts line to the intersection of Route 97 and there we were. It's been a long time but I think Rae's piercing took about an hour. Wh...