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Cruising High in the Pit

by revol on Aug 18, 2017

The cruise ship is now in the middle of its voyage. On a Saturday night, Ted and Jane were enjoying a sensuous dance in the ship's exclusive dance room on the topmost floor. Jane was wearing a loose fitting sleeveless dress which hung from her plump shoulders by two very thin shoulder strings. In the last dance they had one arm around each other and the othe...

The Quickie

by chaosdragon on Sep 16, 2017

I had left my husband 6 months before after 2 years of no sex whatsoever. I had sworn off sex... I had decided to become a nun or at least live like one. Then I met Dan. As I got to know him, we found out we had a lot in common and when I finally decided to date him, little did I know that I would change my mind about a lot of things... including sex......


by handyahands on Aug 30, 2017
Erotic Couplings

"Quickie??" Only two days had gone by since we had last seen each other, but it had been more than a week since we had made love to each other. As I glanced up to see Beauty closing the basement entrance door I smiled and hurried to finish up the task of sorting some plastic clothes hangers from a box of jumbled junk. As she came closer and I moved towards...

Making memories

by milfy on Sep 30, 2015
Cheating Spouses

You arrived a few hours ago with your girlfriend and a few members of her family. After unpacking and getting settled in Janet calls the two of you down for dinner. You look at your girlfriend and smile, her beautiful blue eyes always leave you breathless and you can't wait for dinner to end so you can get some alone time.What's next? Yes Try for a quickie...

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Fun in a Crowded Camp Ground

by wcf on Sep 13, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

This is part of a series of stories I have written that are true life experiences. Sex outdoors has a certain excitement of being naughty. The chance of being caught adds to the excitement. Even quickies have excitement to them. My wife and I have had sex outdoors 4 times. That's all I have been able to convince her to do it. Twice it was a quickie twice i...

A Passionate Quickie

by madam_noe on Sep 12, 2017
Erotic Couplings

Author's Note: This is a very short story, about 1,500 words, a quickie in every way. It is only authorized to appear on Literotica.com. If you see A Passionate Quickie on any other site, please notify madam_noe at Literoica.com right away. ***** "Excuse me, might be a few minutes in the kitchen. Greg will be out soon," Lysa promised their mutual friends s...

A Quickie for a Needy Husband

by StoneRaptor on Sep 12, 2017
Erotic Couplings

Dave and Nicole had been married for more than 20 years, and enjoyed a regular sex life. After marrying quite young by today's standards, and raising two children, their life had just reached the "empty-nester" stage, and now they had more time for each other. Nicole was an easy-going individual that had an infectious laugh, while Dave was a little more ser...


by uchihamax on Sep 16, 2017

Veronica was considered very well at what she did for a living. She was single at the young age of 25 and satisfied her sexual thirst with the help of several one night stands spread randomly on her calendar. Veronica worked with a secret government agency and her oath did not allow her to share her stories with any of her friends or family. But little did t...

Brenda and Bobby Ch. 08

by Goodhusband on Sep 19, 2017
Loving Wives

Note: This story is the eighth installment in a series entitled "Brenda and Bobby". If you have not read the first seven episodes of this series, I encourage you do so before beginning this episode. This is a dominant wife humiliates submissive husband story. That is the kind of story I write. If you do not enjoy these types of stories, I strongly recommend...

The Simpsons

by inyotefi on Sep 18, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Disclaimer: I do not own the series that this fanfic is adapted from, nor do I make any money off the writing of it. * Springfield... ...It was an every day kind of day... ...Marge Simpson was busy as always with housework, her propped up blue hair tied under a bandanna, the bandanna itself looked like it was tied around a pole. Maggie was asleep upstai...