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At First Sight

by ViridianQS on Sep 17, 2017

The quicksand slurped at my thighs, pooling around my legs like thick cement, and began oozing into my shorts. I looked up again at the branches over my head, where my top was now hanging out of reach. I had reacted quickly to my peril, but in hindsight, trying to use the thin, flexing branches as a lifeline was probably not a great idea. I could feel myself...

Snatch and Grab

by ViridianQS on Feb 13, 2018

I should have known that you were the sort. The way you looked at me at the caravan park told me everything, but I ignored it. I thought I should assume better from you, but that look in your eyes and that fake white smile. I knew what you really wanted. I just didn't think you were so desperate. How long were you watching me for? You were patient; I give t...

Mythbusters: After Hours

by ViridianQS on Sep 14, 2017
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The warehouse felt empty that night. Normally filled with equipment and film crew, most of the inventory had been emptied with the end of the season's shoot. Grant had been heavily involved with sorting through the show's eclectic collection of machinery and materials. While he enjoyed his time with the show, there were experiments he wanted to conduct that...

A Call For Help

by ViridianQS on Oct 22, 2019

It was a Sunday morning. For most people, it was a sleep-in, or a lunch date with friends. I’m the sort of guy who likes to go out, but to be alone while going out. I suppose that makes me an introvert. I’m into self-improvement and enjoying life, but not being around people that drain me. I used to spend my time at the gym, but that was too much for me and...

Relic Hunter: Elixir of Desire

by ViridianQS on Aug 18, 2017

Nigel sensed a different mood at the Trinity College office. There was tension in the air...something he was not accustomed to, yet familiar. He wondered what schemes his supervisor, the beautiful Sydney Fox, was putting together. It had been a rather quiet month, and he was fully expecting her to drag him along somewhere. Maybe the Caribbean this time? He t...

Trapped in Quicksand! Ch. 02

by evanrulzz on Sep 12, 2017

Margaret stood firmly on an island of marsh grass ogling her sexy, real estate rival, Elizabeth, struggle against gravity. The gooey muck Ms. StCloud III had errantly stumbled into mercilessly lapped at the hem of her ripped business skirt. Margaret succumbed to the melodrama unfolding before her. Feeling her nipples harden with excitement as she deviantly w...

Erotic Quicksand Ch. 02

by muddygurluk on Sep 16, 2017

Helen had been seeing her quicksand lover in secret, early Sunday morning liaisons, for some time now, and each erotic endeavour had heightened her sexuality. Wallowing in the warming wetness, and sinking sensually in the swampy sand, she had felt a frantic fervour to take things further, not just being made mellow liquid love to, tenderly and caringly, but...

Lake Climax

by ViridianQS on Sep 16, 2017

It was warm inside the tent, and judging by the brightness, I had been sleeping all morning. It had been an exhausting night full of deep and meaningful talk, so I wasn't surprised that we had slept in. Or at least, I slept in. There was no sign of Cindy. Normally I wouldn't worry so much, but being in the middle of the forest, she could've gotten lost. I cr...

Passing Grade

by ViridianQS on Sep 12, 2017

It had been a good year for Ivy Zhang. The graduate science teacher had been fortunate enough to land a position at a prestigious girls' school, and she was hugely popular with the staff and students. She was young, beautiful and exotic to the students, and didn't shy away from taking on extra responsibility in the school. Unlike her older, conservative coll...

Amazonian Quicksand

by sakura_inverse on Sep 13, 2017

In the hot steamy jungle of the Amazon, Sakura took the love of her life, Angel, by the hand and gazed into her green eyes. As their lips met, their sweat-soaked skin pressed against their matching tan brown explorer outfits. When their lips parted, Sakura giggled as she saw Angel's red hair sitting neatly underneath her pith helmet. Angel giggled as well an...