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Infinite Scroll

fucking women

by BladeGod on Dec 7, 2018
Fan Fiction

What if you could have any woman for yourself? any way you want? here you can!! if you can imagine it the scene will be seen here in your mind as the story unfolds before you!! also everyone in these storylines is over 18 (if you would like to have a short amount of chapters written for you please pm me and we'll figure sometjing out :))What's next? Hermion...

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BLACKEDmailed Into Being a Sissy

by AnonWriter on Jun 17, 2019

Author's note: I've hit serious writer's block with Tales of Feminization, so I decided to try something a little slower and more limited in scope. I'll be focusing on one primary storyline at first, slowly branching out with other choices. You'll notice some chapters will have multiple choices, but this is just to act as a reminder for me for future content...

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Black New World Order

by Wildone101 on Oct 14, 2018

(Quick Disclaimer: This story will contain a lot of triggering fetishes. Things such as cuckoldry, raceplay, light BDSM, bisexuality, sexual domination, bimbos, racial superiority, and other things of the like. If any of those offend you, this may not be the story for you. Also, I'm not that good of a writer. I just want to get the outline out there for the...

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Women of Color

by Loeman on Sep 26, 2017

A collection of tales where various non-white (or mixed race) women are cruelly used, with a focus on raceplay as a part of the backdrop of their degradation. RACIALLY CHARGED CONCEPTS AND LANGUAGE WILL BE USED. Non-consent, incest, and more dark stuff will almost certainly be present. Enjoy. AUTHOR'S NOTES These stories, like any stories I write, are purel...

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by duh48 on Dec 24, 2019

Derek’s girlfriend was born with a rare genetic disorder. Derek’s Girlfriend, Julie was born with Race Switch Syndrome (R.S.S.), a condition that causes the mental and physical features of the individual to vary at will between the racial backgrounds present in there genetic makeup Julie was considered quite the anomaly in the medical community since the she...

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The Rookie

by brendandare on Sep 26, 2017

Kyber City, a town in tumoil. The divides between rich and poor, black and white, men and women grow worse every day. The newspapers would have you believe that life has gotten so bad that even honest, hardworking citizens feel the need to arm themselves against the tide of crime and violence. A true K.C. resident would say there's such thing as an honest ha...

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Exposing my Mother

by warhammer0134 on Dec 25, 2018

Coming back home to my parents’ place is a very special occasion for me. I get to see my beautifuk mother every time I am there. She has taken care of me so well over the years, and I cannot believe that she already turned 50. She certainly does not look like she is 50. My mom, Sarah is loved by everyone, including my dad Robert, and all of my parents’ frien...

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Julia Chang gets Nasty

by Bisexual Zam on Apr 17, 2021

Julia Chang is your average late stage zoomer. A 24 year old fat asian chick living in the middle of a large city. She has a job as an assistant to some asshole and in general is just trying to live her life.What's next? Club Porcelain [human toilet] Comic Con...

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by zeefanta on Feb 10, 2021

It has been three years since the Matriarchal Republic of China has invaded. A highly militarized and yet overwhelmingly feminine state. With a gender divide of 95% female and only a measly 5% male, their demographical future was looking bleak. To resolve the so-called seed shortages, they have invaded your, John Doe's, country. Their fanatical military quic...

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The Virgin Continent

by crunchyspag on Sep 26, 2017
Erotic Couplings

It is the Age of Discovery. For thousands of years, the Eastern Hemisphere has conducted its business internally, largely oblivious to the other half of the world, separated from it by two vast oceans. However, advances in sailing have allowed this obstacle to be overcome by those brave enough to attempt it. Vast forests cover this dark territory, which has...

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