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Infinite Scroll

Samus and the Reality Altering Upgrades

by welldressedcrab on Nov 14, 2020
Science Fiction

Samus brought her ship into dock with the station, the docking bay walls closing behind her. In her adventures through the galaxy she had received a signal from a remote research station. The signal informed her that the station was inhabited by a scientist AI which was programmed to keep inventing and researching for eternity. If she came to investigate, sh...

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Wishes for my Wife

by Sinburn on May 17, 2019
Erotic Couplings

Tom sat on the park bench and watched his wife queuing at the ice cream stall. They were both hitting 40 this year and he couldn't help ruminate on the nature of his relationship as they planted their feet firmly in middle age. He loved her, no doubt about that but did he desire her? Yes and no. They still had sex and whilst infrequent it was always good and...

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by Troof on Oct 4, 2019
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

Good morning, soon-to-be Breeders! My name is Sarah, and I have been a Breeder at Fort OBGYN for two years. Now that you’ve gone through all the written material for new Breeders, it’s time for me to give you a live demonstration of breeding. First, direct your attention to my Breeder uniform. As you can see, the top leaves my breasts completely free while o...

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Heroes and Villains: Nadia

by TricksterHyena on Jul 14, 2020

Warning!! This story has rapid pregnancy, birth, barbed dicks, and knotted dicks. *** Nadia smiles, using her fire to propell herself through the sky, searching for an unguarded area to steal from. To the untrained eye, she looked like a private airplane. After an hour of flight, she lands in front of a mansion. Smiling in pride, she enters, swaying her...

When Aliens Impregnated the World!

by Progenitor on Mar 7, 2018
Science Fiction

A cool breeze blew over the desert that evening as John and Gillian shared the porch together. The sun had set, and John was sitting with his pipe dangling from his lips and a newspaper in his lap while Gillian sat across from him with her legs folded under her. "It's a wonderful evening, isn't it John?" Gillian said. Her eyes were wandering the ho...

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Lois Lane's Night Out

by exxxidor456 on Aug 13, 2017
Fan Fiction

As with all my stories, I welcome other authors to add chapters! Remember to like and bookmark your favorite chapters! Regular chapters with 5+ likes get a sequel, chapters with 10+ likes get two. End chapters get an epilogue with 10+ likes. Chapters with the most likes & bookmarks get updated first! All characters in this story are at least 18 years old...

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Progenitor Rex

by Progenitor on Feb 21, 2018
Science Fiction

The transponder pinged for the first time on March 9th, 2154. Jessica's brow furrowed. She leaned back and took her feet off the desk and set her reading tablet aside and looked. A dot, just a pip in the landscape, showed up 6 clicks away in a mostly unexplored mountainous terrain. "What are you?" She said. She picked up the comm headset and slid i...

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Keeping It in the Family Ch. 03

by Amnoartist on May 29, 2018

Ruth was proud of the marked strides in performance Scott and Jordan made in recent days. Generally, they could only last up to a few hours with the woman, but she couldn't hide her pleasure in knowing that, as of now, the trio had spent four straight days and nights together, kissing, riotously fucking and caressing non-stop. Their daily schedule be damned!...

Author's Fantasy Aftermath

by vargas111 on Sep 1, 2017
Humor & Satire

BABY BOOM BLAMED ON BOOKSTORE IMBROGLIO Dateline: June 17, 2003, Upper Knocksville, WV Innocence Fecunda In a startling development straight out of the fertile imagination of noted porn author Homer Vargas himself, a recent wave of pregnancies -- overwhelming local hospitals -- has been traced to a personal appearance by the same Homer Vargas at an Uppe...

Out of the Bottle

by amyyum on Mar 30, 2020
Loving Wives

As Phil and I drove with four friends down the open highway I reflected back on how he and I, Amy Thomas nee Williams, got together. At many points in time I thought that it would never happen, but here we were married five years and me six months pregnant. ************* I met Phil Thomas shortly after I graduated college. I met him on a bicycle club trip...