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New universes, here I cum

by Tip on Sep 12, 2016

Your name is Darnell Johnson, an 18-year old African-American male. While walking along on the way to school, you hear a loud bang and feel a splitting headache. When you woke up, you realize that you are no longer in your hometown but instead find yourself in a white long hallway. There were doors on each side with strange symbols on them. Each door had thr...

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Why Porn Matters

by WaltForest on Sep 13, 2017
Reviews & Essays

Porn is fantasy, but like many fantasies, it tells us something about the reality from which it helps us to escape. If the female characters of porn lust after big cocks, it is to help us escape the fact that real women generally do not care about dick nearly so much as men do about pussy. If the female characters of porn can't get enough fucking, it's be...

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by dicchic on May 26, 2018
Mind Control

You are browsing through the internet when a website catches your attention. 'MotherBoard' Change anything you wish and create the rest. Intrigued you click on the site. You see 3 options. Body-Change the body Mind-Give a command Reality- Change realityWhat's next? Body. Reality Mind Reality, with More Possibilities What's next? Body. Reality Mind Realit...

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by LadyDi697 on Sep 16, 2017
Letters & Transcripts

A fantasy can become a reality. A reality is nothing more that a fantasy when thought of later. He lays in his room on the cold hard cot, alone in the darkness, with nothing but the fleeting memories of a time long past. He is haunted by the memories of happier times. He tries hard to relive the smell of each location and the feel of each touch that he can...

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Items of Power

by Cross C on Sep 26, 2017
Mind Control

Some examples of the Items that might appear in the reality of your choice: Ring of 3: A golden ring with three emeralds. When worn you can change a person through the use of a three word phrase. A person can only be changed three times before they are immune to further uses of the ring, however any transformations are then permanent. Reality Remote: Alter r...

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Daddy's Little Pain Slut Ch. 03

by lindiana on Sep 15, 2017

To My Readers: Day 3 of her journey has arrived. If you have not read Days 1 and 2, I recommend you do so. You can find them by clicking on my name, lindiana, below and locate my other submissions. Enjoy! Today was different. When I got home from class, I slowly closed the front door and leaned back against it. My eyes swept around the living room of our ho...

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What if...

by protoborg on Sep 26, 2017

You stand looking about yourself. There is nothing but white in all directions. Nothing but solid, unending white as far as the eye can see and probably further than that. There is light or there isn't. The vast whiteness of the place you find yourself in makes it very hard to tell. The only thing you can be sure of is that you are standing naked in a seemin...

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What the Hell's Happening: Epilogue

by next2ArchStanton on Sep 17, 2017
Loving Wives

EPILOGUE. Hi, Arch here. Wow, I hope that was a satisfactory journey for you... because the amazing comments and interaction certainly made it a first one I'll remember! Firstly I apologize to all those who hated the story. But I did warn of the content. On that note, I will admit I don't like the Mona Lisa as a painting. It is too dark, the girl is ugl...

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A Crack in Reality

by Mr Nice Guy on Aug 20, 2018

Something is wrong. There is a crack in reality! Things are changing! Is it human made? Has it always been there? Is someone controlling it? Is there any way to stop it?!What's next? Average Office Worker Alex William Borgman, Mad Scientist Rachel Davis, College Lesbian Goth Girl Daniel, average thief Jason Willows, struggling middle class family member....

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Reality App(Public)

by dicchic on Jul 7, 2018
Mind Control

You turn on your phone and notice a new app. 'Reality app' You open the app and a set of rules and powers come up 1.You may choose from any of the headings and change the rules in them. 2.You can decide how people perceive the things you changed. E.G) Panic/Calm/Always been like this. 3.You can change things as much as you like but you can't have to conflic...

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