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Infinite Scroll

New universes, here I cum

by Tip on Sep 12, 2016

Your name is Darnell Johnson, an 18-year old African-American male. While walking along on the way to school, you hear a loud bang and feel a splitting headache. When you woke up, you realize that you are no longer in your hometown but instead find yourself in a white long hallway. There were doors on each side with strange symbols on them. Each door had thr...

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The Notebook

by VTDestiny on Jun 19, 2019
Science Fiction

A notebook has fallen to planet earth with the ability to change reality. Whatever is written inside changes reality. You can travel through time, change people's fetishes, change laws and rules, change societal norms. Anything you want to become reality can become so. Who will be the lucky person to find this notebook? What will they use it for? They can fu...

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Omni App

by CrawlingM on Oct 8, 2019

You are in the modern world, but there is an app where you can write anything and save, and the world will change to reflect your wishes. As the camera flies down from the heavens, we suddenly find ourselves in the company of...What's next? Alex, Jamie and Max, college students reality warping their teacher Daniel and his sister, Jessica Jake, on his phone...

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A Crack in Reality

by Mr Nice Guy on Aug 20, 2018

Something is wrong. There is a crack in reality! Things are changing! Is it human made? Has it always been there? Is someone controlling it? Is there any way to stop it?!What's next? Average Office Worker Alex William Borgman, Mad Scientist Rachel Davis, College Lesbian Goth Girl Daniel, average thief Jason Willows, struggling middle class family member. M...

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The Shockwaves

by D0Wh4tever on Jun 26, 2020

The explosion occurred billions, perhaps trillions of years ago. Two universes met as they crossed paths, and collided with each other. It was a collision of such grandeur, that its sheer vastness seemed to bend reality in its wake. The explosion that came from it, sent shockwaves through the vacuum of space, never to be stopped on their path, unless they me...

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Reality Issue

by darklyte31 on Aug 7, 2020
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

The universe has recently gained consciousness and has viewed Itself and the many races that inhabit It, both past and present. After examining all of Its data It has determine that in the future It will die and nothing can prevent it. After thinking about the problem It determined the only way forward is what all races do to become immortal, procreate. It t...

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Reality Note

by Unknown7 on Jan 7, 2021

Beyond our world exists a realm of the gods. Each god creates notebooks called Reality Notes to create worlds. Each Reality Note controls the reality in one world. Sometimes the Reality Note is never used and the world progresses naturally. Other times, the god in charge of the Reality Note makes changes. Some do so responsibly. Others just write in whatever...

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Hearing Voices

by KingAngle666 on Feb 24, 2019
Fan Fiction

The following stories involve celeb's and fictional character whose lives and realities have been turned upside down and inside out thank's to whoever's behind the voice that appears in their head. This voice commentates to them all the different ways the mystery person has changed reality just for them. Only the mystery voice and the victim are aware of the...

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The Book of Reality

by TheLazyTrain15 on Jun 3, 2020
Mind Control

Authors note: Normally I wrote this story with Matt as the main character but I wanted to give everybody their own freedom. So I added something small as a first chapter. The Book of Reality went trough a lot of universes, to some it helped but in some cases it generated total caos. In every world there are some who prefers chaos to harmony. Each Master of...

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by dicchic on May 26, 2018
Mind Control

You are browsing through the internet when a website catches your attention. 'MotherBoard' Change anything you wish and create the rest. Intrigued you click on the site. You see 3 options. Body-Change the body Mind-Give a command Reality- Change realityWhat's next? Body. Reality Mind Reality, with More Possibilities What's next? Body. Reality Mind Realit...

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