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Wanda Makes up with Her Boyfriend Ch. 02

by Pugzilla on Jun 26, 2019
Erotic Couplings

Wanda opened the door to Dillon's room and saw him standing by the bed. His dark green eyes were filled with an eager light as she stepped into the room. Julian's room always smelled like talcum powder and the minty linament her rubbed on his sore muscles after one of his frequent workouts in the gym. Wanda loved that smell. She always took a deep whiff of J...

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Mr. M Seduces Stephanie Ch. 01

by Stephaniewalker on Sep 14, 2017

We can't always be together. It's part of the deal. The contract. The arrangement. I hate it. It's been twelve days since our last meeting. Twelve long lustful days and nights. I meet you at our hotel. It's dark, sexy and oh so wrong. With barely a "hello," I reach for you and begin passionately kissing you. Lips and tongues intermingling, our bodies p...

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Entering the Blonde Dream Pt. 08

by sxkt78 on Mar 9, 2020
Group Sex

Author's note: This is a personal fantasy. I make no apologies for the impossible stamina of the first-person narrator or the amount of sex over the course of one night in this story. :) -- This time, it did really appear Josie was actually spent. She had come very close to properly fainting from the sensations themselves. This house and tonight was not fo...

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Letters for My Past Love

by Meetmebythewater on Sep 2, 2017
Erotic Couplings

I want to make love to you, hard and long! I want you to look into my eyes and nowhere else. As we explore each other's entire body we never close our eyes or look away. The light is not too bright but they are on enough to see each other and our expressions. I begin to work my way around your body with my hands, gently massaging your ample breast and supple...

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Maestro Dominates Marie Pt. 05

by AuntClimax on May 15, 2019

Maestro returned from a day of shopping with four silk ties. "Why do you need so many? You don't have to go into an office," I asked, oh so innocently. He nonchalantly strode into the bedroom, ignoring my questions, and over to the bed. "Marie, these aren't for my neck, they're for your wrists and ankles." He tied them to the four corners on the frame of...

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A Laura Toy

by ZonkerTheDude on Aug 31, 2017

09:46 Yep, while I LOVED your cock sucking this morning, my cock sliding down your throat, my cum blasting down your throat, I still need to make you cum , cramming my fist in and out of your cunt 09:45 Yes babe 09:47 So, that's the plan then 09:49 We can work on it, for sure 09:49 Oh, I don't know how much work 09:58 A fun kind of work. 09:...

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Trisha Wakes Up

by Mazterlock on Sep 17, 2017

This is a story from the point-of-view of a submissive woman. As a Master, I like the challenge of testing my ability to see the M/s relationship through the eyes of a submissive woman. Enjoy. I had gone to bed, fell sound asleep, and Master had used the key that I gave him to get into my apartment and come into my bedroom. When he pulled back the covers...

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Creamy Island Ch. 21

by AsheramL on Mar 12, 2018
Novels and Novellas

Chapter 21: Aftermath A chime from overhead, "Processing complete." The doctor looked at her two subjects as a few techs began removing the many different connections. It was morning, and she had played with Sara for a few hours before heading off to bed herself. She made sure that she was there when the allotted time was up. There was a pool of different...

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The Day My Wife Died

by WayneRush on Dec 12, 2018
Reviews & Essays

My wife had not been feeling well for about a week before 9-11-18. I had to force her to eat and she refused to go to the hospital. She had an appointment with her oncologist the morning of the tenth, and once she saw my wife she told me to take her to the ER. I asked her to call ahead and she said she was - we had gone to the UMMC ER twice before and she w...

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More of What Friends Are For Ch. 03

by nastystoryguy on Sep 16, 2017

The following totally fictitious writings and are intended for the sole readership of those of LEGAL AGE. The ADULT ONLY material contained within is also for personal use only where local standards permit scenes of violence and sex. Please do not read further if any of these subjects offend, or if you are not of legal age. This is a work of fiction. The au...

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