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Break the 4th wall

by can_i_see_ur_tits_please_ on Jul 16, 2020
Erotic Couplings

Hey you! Yes you. Out there wearing your sister's panties and typing with one hand. I can see you. I wanna fuck your wife, your mom, your best friend and your boss - but to be fair, you can do mine too. Tell me all about yours and me and the rest of the guys here will tell you what we're going to do with them (or what we've already been up to with them that...

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The Manstress

by Tip on Sep 15, 2016
Fan Fiction

An unemployed Michael came home one day and found a letter in the mail. Inside was a letter offering a job that would pay a significant income but would require a year of service. All other details would be kept confidential absent a screening test. An address was provided with instructions to go the next day at a specific time. Desperate, Michael arrived. I...

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Virtual Wars

by majus on Jul 28, 2016

The main road of the cyber metropolis – was crowded. But not by day to day programs going around their daily tasks or performing their work. No – the street was separated with yellow tape, all the civilians were directed around. Half of the present were wearing red uniforms with a white umbrella emblem. The other half were tied in some way – some had only th...

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New Starlets

by maztacular on Sep 25, 2003
Fan Fiction

The lowdown: you're a horny, sex-crazed 18-year-old guy. To abbreviate, you're a teenage guy. You've been watching a lot of TV, and you've 'cum' to the conclusion that most of these newer female stars really need some cock put in them. Being the civic-minded kind of guy you are, you fly out to your sexual destination... but wait, first you have to decide wha...

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Paradise Island

by airwreck on Sep 2, 2008

It has been almost four years ago you made your massive fortunes when you sold your technology company to Google. At the time you were married to your college sweetheart but she decided that she no longer needed to love you if she could get half of your billions after the sale of the company. When you had gotten married you never had thought of the need for...

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Rome's Slaves

by Hermann3011 on Sep 20, 2018

It's the year 50 BC, you are a roman citizen who just moved out of his parents home to start his own live and has the right to own slaves. After, finding a big farm just outside of Rome you need slaves to help you with the hard farm work. At the port of Rome right next to the district of the poor with its narrow alleys is the slave market, the biggest in the...

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Tales of enf

by TheEnfGuy on Sep 29, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

Who will be our first ENF?What's next? Rebeca a 21 year old girl hanging out with friends Amy a twenty year old redhead Maddison What's next? Rebeca a 21 year old girl hanging out with friends Amy a twenty year old redhead Maddison...

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The Curse of Riley

by CumBalloon123 on Dec 5, 2019

Riley was excited. Her first day on campus of a new year at Dimsville University. Her 21st birthday was also that first Friday, and she couldn't wait. Not that Riley was a very big party girl, but her 21st birthday! Who couldn't party on that day! Riley was pretty average. She was 5'8'' tall and weighed about 135 lbs. She was in great shape thanks to the vol...

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Welcome to my Brothel

by malk03 on Sep 1, 2007
Erotic Couplings

Welcome to my Brothel, I have a fine selection of females ready to satisfy any and every need you could possibly have. Maybe we should start off with a bit about me. I'm a handsome young man, just a hair over six feet, with broad shoulders and an athletic figure. I started out as a young hero, and came across a little known whorehouse nearly in the middle of...

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The Redshirt Misadventures

by kinkygeek on May 26, 2020
Science Fiction

Shhhk...Crash! Your naked body just went sailing through the air, passing through an automatic door before slamming against the bulkhead. Dazed and not quite sure how or why you're now laying in the middle of the corridor, you look back in the direction from which you came and see a very angry Andorian woman, Lieutenant zh'Thracia, standing in the doorway to...

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