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Girls on Film

by KissnTellJessie on Sep 11, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

If you've never had more than one naked pussy laid out in front of you to choose between, you probably can't imagine the feeling in my cock as I looked down at the three naked girls on the bed in front of me. I told them to spread their legs wider for me as I stroked myself and thought about which one to fuck next. I'd spent weeks setting this up. Putting a...

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Types of Cuckolds

by cuckwhofucks on Sep 14, 2017
Reviews & Essays

What does it mean to be a cuckold? It actually means many different things to different cuckolds. But let's start at the beginning: The truth vs. the Truth. The Truth, or an absolute Truth, is actually unnamable, or rather it exists, but when you try to interpret it and put words to it, it becomes one of very many truths, as many truths as there are peopl...

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by Vampiric_Mirage on Sep 12, 2017

I watch in fascination as the knife presses against his skin, slightly parting it until his blood shimmers, beckoning me. My first time; I try to be hesitant, to not give my desire away as I lean forward. My mouth meets the wound, licking slightly, before fastening onto his salty flesh, sucking hungrily, trying to coax more of his reluctant elixir. My hands...

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Blissful Ignorance

by sindermann on Mar 31, 2017

For most people, familiarity inevitably leads to a blissful ignorance of what the other party is doing. The husband fails to notice as his wife bats her eyes at the stranger in the restaurant, the wife begins to ignore the overtures her husband is making toward the cute babysitter, and the father trusts his friends not to be forward with his offspring. Somet...

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Mr. Ted, the Anthro Horseman Ch. 01

by JonThomas_ on Apr 24, 2018
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Welcome back into my imagination. In this story, I envision life as a furry. My character is an anthropomorphic horse. He's a member of a small but growing population of a subspecies that resulted from an ill-fated attempt to expand the lifespan of horses by injecting them with human DNA while they were still in the womb. As you would expect, the result wa...

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Mind Control Harem Ch. 02.5: Pets

by ObedientPetgirl on Feb 11, 2019

Bella woke up, curled up against Justin in his bed. She cuddled against him gently. She was wearing some light blue pyjamas, while he wore a dark grey shirt with red boxers (he usually just slept with what he's wearing at the time). She smiled warmly, looking at his cute, slightly rugged face. She then snuggled against his chest. While she did adore being hi...

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Victim of Circumstance

by JimJoeBob on Jan 2, 2018

The girl everybody's willing to screw and screw over, making "This again?" a common phrase of her's. 5'7", (about 5'9" in her boots)pale white skin covered in various tattoos, a few peircings here and there, purple contacts on her eyes, and a small stylish black and purple mohawk with a clump of bangs hanging in the front and lightly shav...

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Jacey's Reluctant Awakening Ch. 06

by Aspire2Provide on Sep 16, 2017
Toys & Masturbation

(This is a series of stories about the sexual awaking of a girl through progressively more intense encounters with her sexuality, and the people around her that want to take advantage of her. Her awakening involves her gradual and reluctant capitulation to her strong sexual urges. The story will progress through encounters from innocent, straight, lesbian, r...

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The Tragedy of a Reluctant Cuckold Ch. 01

by Forever Lucid on Sep 16, 2017
Loving Wives

I hope the title doesn't throw you off too much. But that's what I am, a reluctant cuckold. I didn't cherish that shit. I didn't want to see my wife of 18 years fuck 23 men. I'd read about those type men on the Internet message boards. Found out there was a whole subculture of them, too. Fuck that. Spineless fucking twerps, that's what they are. I didn't...

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Cartoon overlord

by footMan12 on Feb 11, 2019
Fan Fiction

It is time… After years of trial and error… After years hardship and insanity… It is time, time for a new cartoon overlord! (0) Deep within the darkness of your evil lair, plot and ponder your evil plan to conquer all of the cartoon universes. Eventually you come up with seven important steps that you need in order to begin conquering cartoon worlds. One: Yo...

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