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Infinite Scroll

Aaralon's Discoveries

by Sixth on Apr 18, 2002

Aaralon was nervous; he was not only disobeying conventional wisdom by attempting a summons but he was flaunting the strict rules of the boarding school by doing so. He was twenty years old and had been in College of Light Shadow for the last fifteen of them, he couldn't really remember what his parents looked like and all that really seemed to matter about...

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Date Rape Me Ch. 02

by breastysadie on Sep 25, 2017

Sure enough, my new love interest makes my next rape happen that very night. We go to a bar with me dressed up like a total whore. John plies me with expensive drinks, never taking his eyes off my massive chest—except for when I go to the ladies' room—then he can't take his eyes off my ass. And can I blame him? My entire beautiful ass is spilling out the...

Party Time?

by Loeman on Aug 21, 2016

Drinking parties... there's more to them than just having a good time, isn't there? A party can be a tribal place, where outside rules and boundaries are thrown off in favor of whatever the partygoers dictate. Traditional authority and consequence is completely unwelcome. With the right people and emotions fueling the fervor, conspiracy to evil among multipl...

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Marvel & DC

by Openmind on Mar 14, 2020
Fan Fiction

I do not own the copywrite of any of the characters featured in these stories. The rights to these character belong to their respective owners. This is simply a product of Fan Fiction, take it as such. Please do not rape or harm men or women in the real world, it's a bad thing to do... Don't think it particularly necessary to say this, just figured I'd cover...

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Monstergirl dimension

by AnonYmouS564 on Feb 14, 2021

I went to bed after a long day of nothing but headaches. At least i can come home to... The fridge is empty, i should have bought some ingredients yesterday, but i returned home at 9pm. I look at the clock, it shows 9:30pm. Yeah, ill just order in. I made a decent living but i wish i had more than just... An empty house. Its just a dry period, i thought. But...

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Daddy Dearest

by Swallows999 on Apr 19, 2017

Your name is Daniel Smith, 44 years old and still managing to find true love in this wild world we live in. You met the perfect woman, smart, sexy, sweet and strong. Even better, she was the same age! Rachel was tall and slender, a real charmer of a woman. She frequented the local gym and had a toned body that was to die for, but thankfully wasn’t a complete...

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by VirtualRP on Oct 26, 2017
Science Fiction

Hello, for those of you wondering why the first chapter isn't already diving into the story, it is for the reason as a type of hub for everything I will post and/or edit. Do not fret, I will try and make weekly updates if I can, though I will not take longer than an entire year, just remember I still have a life besides writing smut and similar things. I am...

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The Demonic Idol

by bob10 on Jul 31, 2013

Life didn't offer a lot of joy for Lydia. Her only daughter was one of them. In fact it was the only thing her former fiancée. Unfortunately the bastard had left her after her pregnancy. She raised her daughter Mary alone, her parents didn't give a lot of help. She thought about finding someone but she failed. Now at 45 she didn't have the mind and the body...

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Surviving Space Station Sigma

by Sixth on Aug 16, 2012
Science Fiction

Space Station Sigma was one of three science outposts on the edge of space. The year is 3012 and mankind has stretched far across the stars - without encountering any other intelligent races. Bacteria and single cell organisms have been found, the promise of intelligent life is still discuses, but until 32 minutes ago mankind was not sure if it alone. The e...

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Sexual Privilege

by SanctifiedVillified on Aug 31, 2017
Mind Control

These branching stories are going to have 3 very simple premises: 1) You exist in a world where your character AND ONLY your character gets to have sex with whatever group or groups of people you choose wherever and whenever he or she desires, e.g. redheads, teens, women over 40. 2) The circumstances under which he or she can have sex with that group can be...

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