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Date Rape Me Ch. 02

by breastysadie on Sep 25, 2017

Sure enough, my new love interest makes my next rape happen that very night. We go to a bar with me dressed up like a total whore. John plies me with expensive drinks, never taking his eyes off my massive chest—except for when I go to the ladies' room—then he can't take his eyes off my ass. And can I blame him? My entire beautiful ass is spilling out the...

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The Transformation Rings

by manyquestions on Sep 12, 2017
Transsexuals & Crossdressers

"Can they really work? Elaine, it would be both cool and crazy if they did. But it's impossible. Just impossible." "Let's give it a try, Bob. Each so-called magic ring has a green compartment for the starting stage, and a red compartment for the ending stage. The center of each compartment can be set to blue, for boy, or pink, for girl. Simple." "Simple, s...

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Nancy Camelhoe

by Swerve91 on Nov 9, 2017

There once was a girl named Nancy Camelhoe. She was blonde, slender and had a rump to die for. She always wore rompers and booty shorts, short skirts that wrapped about her hips lovingly and all of her underwear was thongs. She was never polite, had no etiquette whatsoever and openly called herself a slut. So much so, that she decided it best to have out wit...

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Raping My Sir

by littlemissjen on Sep 16, 2017

***Will preface this story with the understanding and concept of consensual non-consent. In no way am I condoning any actual sort of rape. No matter the act, adult and legal consent is absolutely necessary. No means no, and always needs to be honored. Thank You. Luckily, I have been Your special little pet for about a year. Within that time, we have enj...

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The Diminishing

by horuvex on Sep 11, 2017

Janet and John had been married for about three years now, and had developed a stable relationship together. Janet ran her own small business; she ran a small convenience store in town. John worked at the local bakery, but he had recently lost his job due to the bakery having to shut down. So John was thinking of going back to school. John had been doing lot...

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by zombiekiller530 on Nov 13, 2017

As you are preparing for your day your television flickers on with an emergency broadcast comes on and the tornado siren near your home screams. The emergency broadcast beeps: “Attention citizens stay in doors and lock your windows and doors until further notice, Martial Law is now in effect. Anyone seen trying to leave the city will be detained or forced ba...

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Preying on the Predators Ch. 03

by Dazzle1 on Sep 15, 2017

The beginning 12 years ago on an elite campus "Hit him again!" A female voice screamed. One of the 250+ football players drove his fist into smaller man's ribs while his teammate held him. "Are you going to do my paper, now?" The red headed woman in the cheerleader demanded. He coughed blood, "Go to hell bitch." "Hurt him," she told the players. "Weake...

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Angel of Mercy

by Black_Bird on Sep 14, 2017

I was sitting in front of some apartment building, down town, in the worst neighborhood. I had a razor on me; I was thinking about turning down an alley and just ending it all. I was hoping someone would come along and make the choice for me, rape me and slit my throat. Hell, I've already gotten comfortable with the rape part; after a few times you hardly no...

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Romance is Dead

by honeyblondenymph on Sep 3, 2017
Erotic Couplings

She grabs my neck tie and pulls me toward her face. Leaning forward, pushing her back onto the desk, I'm hiking up her skirt. Feel the rough, cool nylon against my hands. This woman is unbelievable! She's just what I've always fucking wanted: a twig who can take it. My hands slide her panties over her nylon stockings and I can smell her pussy. Every day it'...

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Slut-isfied on the Highway

by OnlineSlut on Sep 16, 2017

She was driving a little too fast on the highway, she realized, too eager to overtake a tractor in front of her. The tractor was pulling a trolley, which was cramped well over its capacity with labourers (presumably, heading back to their village after a tiring day in the city). She swivelled in and out of her lane, gearing up impulsively and then breaking p...

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