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A Woman's World

by batotit on Jan 11, 2019

Author's note: Hi, this is my first story in CHYOA. I wrote this story mostly because I'm bored. My story is about a fantasy role reversal erotica. It has non-consensual sex and politically incorrect way of thinking. If this is not the type of fiction you like, please do us all a favor and stop here. If you can understand that this is just a fantasy to be e...

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Dimension X

by bobolino on Jun 6, 2016
Science Fiction

Our hero is in his bedroom, bored as he browses his large porn collection. Sure he's got all the best titles from Japan, America and even some vintage ebony videos to make a collector cry but he's grown bored with the lack of physical contact in his life. He wishes that someone would take an interest in him and provide some spice to his monotone life. What o...

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Role Reversal Ch. 01

by DominicaPotestas on Sep 16, 2017

Jill thought her life was reasonably good. She was married, her husband getting ever more successful. The marriage wasn't the most romantic -- comfort, potential riches, and her middle class father's approval weighed more on Jill's mind when she married Oliver -- but he was a good lover and kept her in the manner to which she had become accustomed, and she f...

Role Reversal

by litty700 on Sep 12, 2017

I had just finished a nice relaxing bath and was chilling out on the bed wrapped in a towel when Crystal walked in. "Hi honey, nice bath?" she asked as she stripped her clothes off. "Very nice thanks." I replied watching my wife getting naked and feeling a familiar twitch under my towel. Crystal could see I was getting aroused and gave a little chuckle....

Superbowl Bet and Payoff

by will4play2 on Apr 22, 2020

Randy and I had been playing a lot online but wanted to realize our relationship in real-time. And so it was we agreed to meet face-to-face. Yet every time we would set up an appointment, Randy would cancel last minute. Randy finally admitted, I'm apologizing to you a lot these days. Though we are both switches, I have always considered myself slightly mor...

Prom Night with a twist

by MissAshleyJ on Apr 1, 2019
Humor & Satire

BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ… “Ugh…” Sam groaned as he pulled himself out of bed. “SAM! Breakfast!” He heard his father calling up as he rubbed the sand from his eyes “Coming” he yelled down as he slumped his way out of his room. He entered the kitchen and plopped himself on a chair. His father dropped a stack of pancakes on the table as his mother looked up from the news...

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Role Reversal

by Curious_Scott_67 on Sep 13, 2017

My wife and I have found that we enjoy role reversal. Before I married my wife I had a decision to make. I found that I liked anal play but I have never done anything with another man before. I have been curious though so I decided I would buy some anal toys and dildo's. I quickly learned that I liked it but I also found it was difficult to get started so th...

Stacy's Tail

by Oazeal on Sep 16, 2017

For the longest time I've had this fantasy. I've wanted to fuck a guy's ass with a strap on dildo. I'd seen it done once is a porno flick and I thought it was the hottest thing in the whole movie. That was several years ago. Since then, whenever I'm intimate with a guy, I try to bring up the subject, but most guys are too homophobic to even consider it. Sure...


by bobolino on Mar 11, 2021

A new Story I've been working on, I've got a lot of it written already and i just need to format it A bit better. It's taking place in a Sliders type parallel universe where Women are 90% of the population like all my stories. It's femdom themed but "gender role reversal" more than humiliation or BDSM. Hope you enjoy it. Feel free to make requests....

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The World-- With a Twist

by MissAshleyJ on May 16, 2019
Humor & Satire

The question of "What if" is probably one of the great unanswerable questions. A single flip of a coin can lead down a million different paths. Here is one such flip, what if the roles and natures of the genders were switched. What if women were strong and men soft? (this is an expansion of the concept of my "Prom Night with a twist" stor...

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