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Timothy Helps Out

by Char0n on Feb 13, 2018
Erotic Couplings

Her head smashed against the wall, the rough plaster rubbed against her breasts, cheek and ear. She tried to push herself free but Timothy was way too powerful. Her 61 kgs were no match to his over 100. He held her firm with his hand in her neck and his arm between her shoulder blades. She felt his cock against her buttock. That stick hard cock almost the si...

Paisley's Puffy Pussy Lips

by Girl Friend on Sep 11, 2017
Mind Control

Dr. Steven Craig was a brilliant psychiatrist and master hypnotist. Dr. Craig was also very horny. His date just left a message on his voice-mail saying she had to 'wash her hair' and wouldn't be able to date that night. Dr. Craig was madly playing with his cock through his trousers and a large cum stain appeared on the front of his pants. "Just great,...

La Neena'll Be Ass Whipped

by notnamer on Sep 16, 2017

Flash Twelve: Behind The Bed Shots: 3rd Person: Singular: Past Tense: 1 When [the man] came into LaNeena's backstage bedroom {the two big assed bitches that were soon to become {the assfuck twins on stage}, LaNeena, {a super assed bitchy and slender incensorially-censored incensorially-censored blond}, and LaCulona, {a hugely ass cheeky redhead that appea...

Alluring Rough Hard Penetrative Sex

by BoyfromEngland on Sep 19, 2017
Text With Audio

Note from Author: This is Role Playing fantasy between 2 consenting adults over the age of 18 with clear boundaries agreed beforehand. * I was thinking about... I was thinking about your need for rough sex and I'm thinking if we were going to do something like that you'd probably want a safe word, so it would probably be your favorite colour or something...

Haitian Bisexuality Ch. 14

by Samuelx on Sep 16, 2017
Group Sex

Why doesn't everyone love rough sex, especially rough anal sex? I don't know. Backdoor loving that's a little on the rough side has always had a bad reputation. Take it from me, it's not all bad. It can feel pretty good when done right. All I know is that I tried it once with a guy who was really patient and understanding, and I've been addicted to it ever s...

The Taming of Michelle

by Orgone69 on Sep 16, 2017

I knew Michelle was going to be the right kind of slut. The kind I seek out for real rough carnal animalistic sex, the kind of sex that truly satisfies me. Some women are just cheap because they know no better, do not possess the wit nor intelligence to be a true slut, real sluts are not cheap, they know what they are doing, and they have purpose and knowi...

Young Woman with Older Man Ch. 13

by SusanJillParker on Sep 26, 2017

My eyes popped open. There she was standing by my bed naked and looking down at me, while watching me stroke myself. Quickly, I covered my cock with my hand. How long had she been standing there? She caught me masturbating. How freaking embarrassing is that, masturbating over the imagined naked image of Gwen, when she's standing right here naked? I rushed o...

The boys want to knock up Melissa

by pablosantori on Aug 26, 2009
Erotic Couplings

There's a rumor going around the school that the boys want to knock you up. You first heard the rumor from your best friend Candice, but you've heard the rumor from others as well. Getting you knocked up would be a big score, not only because you're the heiress to a large family fortune, but also because you're definitely the hottest girl in school. Candice...

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Taming the Dom

by Ben Rosewood on May 31, 2019

This story has been created with Game Mode in mind. For the best experience, please turn Game Mode on. Your best friend Eddie had said it was urgent. Upon receiving his text, you head to your normal meeting place, Godzilla's Pizza Dojo. The place is covered in framed monster-movie posters and arcade machines that Eddie has topped the high scoreboards on. You...

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Video Story: Raquel's First Hard and Rough Sex

by LitTV on Sep 12, 2017
Erotic Couplings

Literotica is happy to introduce LitTV - a place where community members can share sexy stories in video format. Please share your opinions and suggestions for the future of LitTV. Want to share your sexy video story, erotic vlog, or hot how-to? It's easy and fun! Click here to get started. --- In this video, Raquel Roper tells the story of when she met...