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Goddess' Royal Garden

by Shadow Shark on Jun 30, 2020

AN: All characters are 18 years or older. Damn, this took a bit of thinking on what exactly I wanted this story to be for while. Originally it was titled "Your Princesses" and was going to be a 2nd Person POV story. Also the character you become would be named Morgan Godfrey who other possible writers for the story could set up as a male/female hum...

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The Royal Succession

by crunchyspag on Jun 26, 2017
Erotic Couplings

The greatest upset in your short life has happened. Your older brother, chosen to be the heir, has perished. Shortly thereafter, your father, the king, died of grief. You have now been hastily removed from your church education, the traditional upbringing for the second son in your kingdom. One long and bumpy carriage ride later, you arrived at the castle wh...

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The Dragon King

by The Archmaester on Sep 12, 2018
Fan Fiction

In an alternate universe, Robert's Rebellion has failed and after winning the epic duel at the Trident, Crown Prince Rhaegar Targaryen spared Lord Robert Baratheon's life. Alongside his new brother-in-law, Lord Eddard Stark, Rhaegar led both the Rebels and the Loyalist armies to the capital to depose his father only to find the Mad King stabbed in the back b...

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The Royal Code

by Luccia_Grimmnoirre on Apr 1, 2020
Erotic Horror

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. ***** For those who care about plot and canon, and not just the "word porn", this story represents Issue #1 of the "The Royal Code" — an erotica serial of gothic, horror, and dark fantasy-styled sex stories based in the fictional steampunk country of the Brittanic Legion. There we fol...

The King of Za'allaya

by Alex97 on Feb 8, 2016

"This morning we got the message that King Ronald and his oldest son, Crown prince Rodrick died after an accident with their horses. They wanted to ride through the dangerous Fa'al Valley and fell off a cliff. The whole royal family is in deep sadness. Queen Laiyali and her children prince Rispen, princess Faye, princess Yolanda and princess Dayila will...

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Royal Incest of Karlova

by McNeil on Mar 21, 2021

Frame story and character Introduction You are the Prince of the Ancient Kingdom of Karlova, Karlova is a small kingdom that lies somewhere between Rome and Greece and surrounded by similar small kingdoms. you live in the Royal Palace which is in the Capital city called Lechberga, along with other family members. Characters: You - CASSIUS: The prince of Karl...

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Harem slaves

by ran01 on Nov 20, 2020

'We live to serve you master' the two slave girls speak sultrily. they were your father's favorites and trained extensively to sate his sexual lust. he was a very fat and cruel old sultan but he had impeccable taste in slave girls. The blonde girl is alina a slave girl from the sunset kingdom of the far west. she came to the harem an 18 year old virgin. your...

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Breaking Down Her Royal Highness

by kinkyboy on May 18, 2019
Fan Fiction

Welcome to Regalia, my friend! We might just be a small kingdom in the Baltics, but we have much to offer! Come to Regalia, to enjoy great food, great wine, and Slavic Hospitality. Come to Regalia, and see our beautiful Baltic Beaches and Green Forrests! Come, where all of your heart's **desires will be met!** - Former Tourist Ad published by the Regalian B...

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All mighty

by Christina Masterson on Sep 20, 2019

The war between kingdoms of Anistha, Samuth and Relinga lasted for 80 years. No one was emerged victorious because The king of Relinga proposed a idea it was Merging all 3 kingdoms to form a single and powerful kingdom the heirs from Anistha Samuth and Relinga are eligilble to sit on the throne only if they proved their knowledge and wisdom. Hearing the prop...

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The Great Royal Wife

by MYNAMEISPRINCE on Sep 16, 2017

Maxine vine is my online girl friend she inspired me to write this story which she believes is our past life her beautiful pictures stimulated my mind ,body & heart .I have a strange feeling towards her like she gives me a motherly or a sisterly feeling or sometimes its a sexual attraction .This story is about our life in Egypt .Nora has edited this story an...