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Naughty Girl Candi

by sengmengida on Jun 5, 2019
Mind Control

Candi headed for room 417 with an urgency that she didn't understand. Everything was a little fuzzy since she got off the stage after the hypnotist's show. Still, even if his looks were a little bland, her pussy was dripping, and she always obeyed her pussy when it insisted like that. Lucian. His name was Lucian. A stage name, maybe. Unimportant. His eyes...

The Long Weekend Ch. 05

by festen6 on Jul 16, 2018

Part V: Sunday Evening Kayla took very little time to remind me that she was indeed my Mistress and knew all the right buttons to push. She licked around the head of my cock, making me moan even louder, then began to bob with what little motion she had, up and down the shaft. On every downstroke, she buried her nose in my smooth, shaven crotch. On every ups...

Seven Days Ruined

by LockedSissySubmissive on Sep 25, 2017

We were on our way to the airport for a relaxing week in the sun when Sarah turned to me and said "I'll tell you what? For the next week you can have as many orgasms as you can handle." Now, without some context that statement sounds a little strange so I should explain that for the major part of the last year, Sarah had been keeping me in chastity. She c...

High School Senior Class Trip Ch. 07

by tinypenisboy on Sep 19, 2017

Courtney woke up, not knowing where she was. She didn't remember much, either. She tried to think. While she was thinking, she realized she was naked and strapped to a table. Not just strapped, she realized. Her legs were spread apart but her arms where in front on her in some sort of brace, holding her arms and hands in position. Her head was strapped to th...

Webslut Madison Ch. 07

by Rockwellray0 on Sep 26, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

It had been a little over a month since Madison played the dice game. At first, it was exciting to her to be exposed as she had been. Over time, though, Madison found that she was no longer getting a rush out of just having her pictures posted on the web site. She remembered how it felt to roll those dice - the rush she got, the adrenaline, the pounding ches...

Once a Month? Ch. 02

by Robert_Anthony on Sep 25, 2017

This is a sequel to a story I wrote back in 2011, it may be helpful to read the first chapter first. ***** August 3rd 2011 James lay on his back, his wrists secured firmly to the headboard of the bed, watching as his previously timid wife knelt between his legs working his cock closer and closer to the orgasm that he kne...

Ally's Letter to Jack Pt. 05

by Anal_Ally on Sep 15, 2017
Letters & Transcripts

Dear Jack, That's it; I'm officially fired, but I got through the whole presentation. I stripped in the toilets and entered the boardroom in a long coat. When it was my turn to deliver my presentation my legs went all wobbly, but I got up there, dropped the coat and put on my 'cum-bunny' ears. The board actually cheered. I kind of rushed the whole thing out...

An Interracial BBC Threesome

by SexCapaids on Sep 13, 2017
Interracial Love

The bead of sweat was so simple yet so fascinating. It rolled and ran like a living thing, navigating the smooth tan skin and exquisite curves of the woman's body. I didn't know where it came from and it didn't matter, all that mattered was its journey. It hastened down the strained muscles of her neck as if it was in a hurry to negotiate the pass between he...

Princess Jazmin Ch. 02

by subboy129 on Sep 14, 2017

After being my Princess' footstool for a few hours, she had me rise and make her dinner. I made her a roast chicken with baked potato and garlic green beans. She sat at the table while I sat at her feet and kissed them while she ate and played on her phone. After she was done, she scraped her plate into a bowl and then made me eat out of it like a dog. She w...

Blue Balls

by Renaissanceangel on May 12, 2020

My husband's blue balls are progressing nicely. I haven't permitted him to ejaculate for 41 days now, since we switched roles, making me the dominant and him the slave. His testicles are distended with their load, hanging heavy and hard in my hand. I give them another hard squeeze for a few seconds, eliciting a moan from the man to whom they are attached....