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College Virgin Impaled

by Will2102 on Jun 8, 2020
First Time

Hey, this is a story from my college days about my old friend James, hope you enjoy. Any feedback in comments appreciated. X He had insomnia. That meant we spent a lot of time together because I'm a night owl. During the first few weeks of college it seemed like it was getting worse, he was normally so sweet and kind but he had gotten erratic and snappy. So...

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A Trip to the Nurse's Office

by littleerection on Sep 18, 2017

There I was, in the waiting room. I was very nervous, because I was going in for a physical, and I knew it would be a nurse that was going to examine me. My name is mark, and I have a bit of insecurity. Well, actually I had a LOT of insecurity, and it was about my penis size. I was only 2 ½ inches long and had a girth of 2 ¾ inches when hard. When soft, my p...

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Family Fun

by minimember on Sep 5, 2018

This is my first story so I hope everyone likes it. Constructive criticism is always welcome as well as your comments. Ideas for potential sequels are also welcome. ***************** John was your average 21 year old college guy. He had decent looks and a nice build. He considered himself to be smarter than most people in college. He didn't really study ve...

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Pincing Liam Ch. 02

by stacey_lynne on Sep 16, 2017

Jennifer noticed that Liam had not lost his erection. No matter that he had just climaxed very nicely for her, all over the place, his lovely, small penis stayed erect. Amanda and Jane also found this unusual, but then again by now they had learned that Liam was an unusual man with an unusual condition on his unique penis. Jane, petite, redhead, and always...

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A 'Little Honey'

by indentcouple on Sep 26, 2017
Loving Wives

My relationship with my husband, Tom, is changing dramatically, so I went on line the other day to see what other wives think about a husband with a small penis. I was shocked with the number of letters. In particular, I read this posting: "My husband has a small penis (around 4 1/4" hard). I've learned to love his little thing. I know he's embarrassed abou...

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Jin & Lucy Ch. 01

by Jack993 on Sep 13, 2017

Chapter 1 -- An Afternoon By The Pool Author's note: All characters are 18 years of age and above. "Look at this," said Lucy, swiping through the pictures on her phone. Jin looked up, he knew that his big sister wasn't talking to him but he was bored and curious. "What?" asked Sarah, who was sitting next to Lucy. It was a balmy summer's afternoon and bot...

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Doctor Laura

by NotSoBigBird on Sep 25, 2017

I was 22 when I had my first sexual revelation. I had always been shy around girls, so I suppose it's not surprising. But though it was technically my second time, it marked the true beginning of my sexual experience... It was August, and I had decided to try out for my college's track team. Since it was the first time I had done sports at my school, they...

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Marabogo: Cuckold Island Ch. 01

by eeric on Sep 19, 2017
Interracial Love

Prologue The breeze that came in from the Atlantic ocean did not do much to quell the baking sun on the beach of Marabogo. The small island laid approximately one hundred miles of the coast of Namibia, Africa. John Morton and Henry Larsen sat on the beach in their sunbathing chairs looking at all the skimpily clad women and ripped black men. Both men were...

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Mark's Wife is Too Hot Ch. 01

by allaboutcontrol on Sep 19, 2017

Mark had been married to Denise for a full year now, and considered himself the luckiest guy in the world. Mark was short, chubby, and more then a little shy at times. Denise was almost the opposite. She was just as tall as him, but very skinny. She was also one of the most outgoing people that Mark had ever met. The couple had their one year anniversary la...

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Adam & Eve

by NorthwestRain on Sep 16, 2017

She sprang from the moss beside the palms and white lillies, the first human on earth, and the most perfect creation of mother nature so far. She grew in the Garden of Eden, flourishing on the plump fruits and abundant spring waters, splashing in the lagoons and climbing through the jungles, her developing young breasts already full and bouncy. Her hair long...

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